Taconic Sport Turismo: Allround Porsche without baking

Taconic Sport Turismo: Allround Porsche without baking-turismo

With the variant Sport Turismo Porsche now pushes a third body form of the E-Sport car Tacan. That’s out of a message from the car manufacturer. Accordingly, the new offshoot addresses those who want to combine everyday use with “Onroad” dynamics. The first model comes to the end of February of the GTS with 380 kW (517 hp) on the market, three more versions follow in mid-March.

Porsche will continue the success story of Tacan with the athletic practical all-rounder, says series head Kevin Giek. “Especially appealing, I find the spagat – from the particularly agile rear shoot to the extremely powerful turbo s everything is there.”

From the stand, the Turbo S Sport Turismo accelerates to factory information in 2.8 seconds from zero to Tempo 100. His top speed is 260 kileshore. Range-strongest version is the Tacal 4S Sport Turismo with a radius of up to 498 kilometers (WLTP). The thermal management and charging functions have also been improved. Using the batteries known from the other Tycan models with 71 and 79.2 kWh (net). Both can be loaded in 22 minutes and 30 seconds from five to 80 percent. So, so Porsche, it is already after almost five minutes of electricity for another 100 kilometers on board.

With the Cross Turismo the Sport Turismo shares the sporty silhouette with the rear roof line. However, he renounces offroad design elements. The opening of the tailgate falls significantly longer with 801 millimeters and significantly higher with 543 millimeters than at the sedan (434/330). The trunk takes up to 446 liters depending on the equipment. There is also a frunk with 84 liters.

How to tell Porsche, the new panoramic roof has a special feature about an electric glare protection. The large glass area is therefore divided into nine segments, which can be controlled individually. Even with comfort, security and infotainment, the Tarycan Sport Turismo moves in front with. On request, he can be removed by smartphone when parking and parking. The automatic control is possible in longitudinal and transverse parking pieces as well as garages. In addition to Apple Car Play, Android Auto has also been integrated since the last model year update.

The navigation system as well as the “Charging Planner” were improved according to enterprises. This plans still frequent fast load columns and avoids short charging stops. In addition, the charging stations can now filter according to performance classes. The prices are not fixed yet.

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