Tax billions for Teslas battery factory

Tax billions for Teslas battery factory-billions

For his Battery plant planned in Brandenburg Grunheide, Tesla can count on German tax billions. The US carmaker is one of eleven companies that have increased the surcharge for public funding as part of the IPCEI program (Important Projects of Common European Interest) program (Important Projects of Common European Interest). The Federal Ministry of Economics has previously been open to how high the subsidy will fail as a whole. From government circuits was a single-digit billion amount. Estimated one third of the sum will contribute to the state of Brandenburg.

It is noteworthy that Tesla gets the surcharge for an IPcei promotion. The program was originally launched in 2014 with the aim of “Europe’s competitiveness” and “to meet the distorting activities of other regions of the world in this technology area”. The aim of the program is a functioning, European ecosystem for battery innovation and production, it is called in various statements. Federal Ministry of Peter Altmaier had spoken by a “sample example for forward-looking industrial policy” last week.

This suggests that, above all, German and European companies in competition with China and the US should be strengthened in order to not depend on a key technology of the future such as battery cells from these two major powers. Now the probably the greatest competitor of the German and European car makers gets the contract for the promotion. A company, against the BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler should actually be prepared.

But Altmaier apparently has more Europe in view. “The advantage of the Asian manufacturers is great and huge,” he said. But with the newly approved projects, opportunities are good to have 30 percent of global battery cell production in Europe. Through the three billion of the federal government, investments of more than 13 billion euros were initiated in this country. Together with companies working on cell cases, materials for cathodes and annoden as well as recycling concepts, a “battery ecosystem with more than 10 000 jobs” arise in the coming years “.

So far, only Asian companies produce the battery cells for the electric mobile age. For each two-digit billions amounts, VW, Daimler and BMW cells have been secured by South Korean and Chinese manufacturers by mid-decade. But then much is open. There are scenarios that the corporations could keep the offer scarce and the prices could dictate. In the episode, 2025 would be missing in Europe up to 100 gigawatt hours. This corresponds to the capacity for two million e-cars of the middle class. With a lot of money, politics tries to build European production sites by 2025 and create a closed value chain for the auto industry.

Tesla, BMW and Porsche are the only automakers who receive IPcei funds in this country. BMW gets money for improving lithium-ion technology as well as participation in the development of solid state batteries. Porsche wants to develop and produce high power cells with Customcells in Tubingen with high energy density and short loading time. In Salzgitter, VW builds a cell factory with Northvolt from Sweden, which is to produce from 2024 batteries for up to 500 000 cars a year.

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6 thoughts on “Tax billions for Teslas battery factory”

  1. The devil always fucks on the biggest pile. Not for nothing has invested Musk here. Who calls “car” and “jobs” in Germany, is heard. always. Another tax system, in which much illegitimate is, but legal. And so will continue to fed shareholders with the tax rate of the German Michels in the future ..

  2. I ask me to allow the comment, Brandenburg is also in Europe.
    Tesla built a company part in Brandenburg (Germany, Europe), even built a development center in Berlin.
    Mr. Author, you would like to banish companies like Ford, Opel and Mercedes from Germany just because these are American and French, or majority of the Chinese and Arabs?

  3. The German car industry was promoted for decades for alternative drives. The funds were, as usual usual, were 100% distinguished elsewhere. The Teslau promotion, on the other hand, is worthwhile economic for Germany, while the last German industrial booths continue to dissolve. The most modern production facilities in Grunheiden are coming soon by ship from China – should give to think.

  4. Just a small note, the picture to the article shows the resulting factory of Tesla in Austin Texas. In Grunheide, the building envelope is as good as finished and the paint shop is already installed.

  5. Maybe it should be mentioned here the Tesla does not receive billions but these are divided into many many companies for battery research and construction of equipment for production.
    This sounds like to subsidize the whole system through taxpayers.
    If one considers that the Tesla factory in Grunheide costs without battery delivery 1.2 billion would be several billions a bit exaggerated.
    Other systems cost in the European comparison about 300-400 million ..

  6. I find it fully in order to promote Tesla, finally they invest significantly in Grunheide. Planned there is the largest battery factory in the world that we have lighthouse effect for this location. The article is unfortunately very one-sided.


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