Tazzari: Former. Microlino finer presents e-auto portfolio

Tazzari: Former. Microlino finer presents e-auto portfolio-microlino

At the beginning of the history of Microlino, it was planned that the Italian car maker Tazzani should take over the “Technical Part” and the production of the electricity. But this did not happen for different reasons. At the end of 2022, the company now presents a wide selection of different E vehicles, which all settle in the micro-car and leisure segment.

The Italians present a vehicle with the electric vehicle Zero 4 Buggy reminiscent of a classic of the 60s. At that time, this built on a beetle. Furthermore, the company with “Open Sky” presents a vehicle, which is mainly intended for coastal areas and islands with warm climate. Because the name is here program. If the E vehicle is completely without slices, doors and roll bars therefore. The streamer limited to 45 km / h has a 5 or 9 kWh battery for up to 75 or 137 kilometers range and starts from 14.990 Euro gross.

The two are more complemented for good weather E-vehicles for two more models. The closed minimax-45 and minimax-80 models, of which tazzari also derived “cubo” versions for commercial use offered as a pick-up and van. With the CUBO it should be possible to load euro pallets – on a 110 × 125 cm loading area, with only 120 cm total width. This comes with three battery sizes therefore. Where you have the choice between: Standard, Big and Pro. The latter brings it up to 300 km reach. Incidentally, doors are also in short supply in this model. Aware to make the entry and exit as easy as possible.

The Minimax comes as a light L6E with 45 km / h Topspeed and as L7E with 80 km / h top speed. He also builds 1.2 meters narrow. As with some other models of Tazzari, too, there are the Stromer open, without doors. However, this can also be supplied closed with heating and forms the “base” for the Cubo – the behind the passenger compartment offered a longer wheelbase as well as the flatbed and box.

With a total of four models, Tazzari now returns to position in order to convince with a mixture of simple, thought-out vehicles from the lightweight vehicle segment. You can only be curious if it creates the stromases in series.

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1 thought on “Tazzari: Former. Microlino finer presents e-auto portfolio”

  1. Small L6E vehicles at “big” prices.

    The prices start for the minimax 45 at 12.990 Euro ..

    (Source: Auto-Motor and Sport.DE – 05.12.2021)

    An L6E vehicle for 12.990 euros comparable to the Opel Rocks e, which it already from 7.990 euros, so 5.000 Euro cheaper than Tazzaris Minimax – who should buy such overpriced small rods?

    I am for smaller and lighter e-cars, but then savings should be reflected in weight, resource and security clearer in the price. This also applies to covered pedelecs, which still need much less weight and resources, but the price similarly expensive such as Citroen Ami and Opel Rocks E are.


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