Tempol limit yes or no: Here is the Wahl-O-Mat for drivers

Election test stones

Speed limit, e-car funding, CO2 tax? The Wahl-O-Mat for drivers

Tempol limit yes or no: Here is the Wahl-O-Mat for drivers-limit
Mobile in Germany A CO2 tax should make refueling significantly more expensive (symbol image)

So that you do not unconsciously throw your car key into the ballot box in the election, drivers should know what’s going on with the parties. An internet portal has the solution.

the "Turnover" is on everyone’s lips and one of these terms that somehow stand in every party program. But the Germans want to get away from the car and on the cargo bike? A highway tempoliMit should slow down all drivers in the future or not? The electric car should be funded financially? If you agree that the fuel prices should continue to rise? Should inner cities become car -free? And how about if the bus and train were free?

Who you want to choose as a driver

The Carwow new and used car search engine has developed a quick test that questions its preferences in the style of the Wahl-O-Mat-the "Carwow-O-Mat" (You can get there directly via this link). A number of current issues about mobility in Germany are queried, for example:

  • Speed on the highway
  • Promotion of electric cars
  • CO2 tax when refueling
  • Free local transport
  • Car -free city centers

Similar to the Wahl-O-Mat, after answering the questions in percentage points, you can see the agreement of your own wishes with the programs of the parties. What is not possible, however, is that "Fine adjustment" The answers – for example by evaluating the answers to points that are particularly important to you. Nevertheless, the short check for undecided drivers will probably provide good help which party best represents their interests. Conversely, this applies, of course, the same: cyclists know after the check, which party goes on track in terms of transport policy and which are not. (Direct link)

Slope on the belt: for that she is there and that’s why she is missing from the driver

Tempol limit yes or no: Here is the Wahl-O-Mat for drivers-here

Chip/wochit Slope on the belt: for that she is there and that’s why she is missing from the driver

As with Bud Spencer: With low -calorie Baked Beans back to the Wild West

Tempol limit yes or no: Here is the Wahl-O-Mat for drivers-limit

Dining As with Bud Spencer: With low -calorie Baked Beans back to the Wild West

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17 thoughts on “Tempol limit yes or no: Here is the Wahl-O-Mat for drivers”

  1. It doesn’t necessarily have to be 130
    I think the discussion is currently too narrowed too much, either no speed limit on either, – … I think the discussion is currently too narrowed too much, either no speed limit, or one at exactly 130, and a few people speak for 100. There are many more numbers that you could choose. I personally went against a general speed limit – I drove late in the evening north of Berlin, cruise control 190 and I overtook a single car every 5 minutes, so little was there, no limit is needed – but if the speed limit, it could be yes also 160. Most today run between 130 and 160, where there is released and the traffic rolls, D.H. It would be just a small restriction that almost had the same effect for traffic safety. Why don’t you weight the polls for the speed limit for kilometers driven?

  2. I don’t care
    Whether the gasoline costs 2.50 – one of these mobile lawnmowers"cars" In any case, I won’t do to myself. No matter how high it is subsidized. I am not interested in speed because it was already introduced by the back door on our BAB and entire sections of the route have been downhill – strangely, the number of accidents have not become less therefore. I drive my three burners until I leave this country. Then you can put your load bike rooms on the eye for my liability bike dreams. Have fun in the tax-financed CO2 lobster country, which only blows 2.1% of global emissions into the air, but pretends that it can save the world and climate.

  3. Who please do as if you can save the world?
    No reasonable person. This is a popanz that is always built up by climate walls. A study carried out on the A24 in Brandenburg shows the advantages of a speed limit: the number of accidents halved, from 654 to 337 accidents in three years at 130 km/h. The number of victims also dropped significantly from 838 to 362.

  4. I have
    A fairly clear opinion and am for several reasons for a speed limit. 1.: When I’m on a highway with a speed limit abroad, driving and the flow of traffic is also much more relaxed. Well, may be selfish. 2. E-cars in particular show us that energy consumption increases exponentially at high speeds. So you could already do something in the direction of environmental protection. 3. Large differences in speed on a multi -tracked road are always an increased risk of accidents. Well, and in the end, quick driving does not bring a significant time advantage in most cases. The speed limit will come either way by the EU standardization. Well and restriction of freedom, there are completely different things for me.

  5. The clear opinion you have there
    … & The reasons for a speed limit that you cite. And with me the majority of the Germans. According to a current study from April, 64% would.J. Do not interfere with a speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour on German motorways. All eyes are now resting on the new federal government ..

  6. Everyone should
    Questions for a speed limit, why he is? I would like to press my will and my settings on the eye? Is it envious because someone drives a better car? I don’t treat others to freedom? For my part, I respect the slower and even take into account people who want to drive slower. Although the art of driving has passed many, but I respect that. And when I free I drive as fast as I want. If we give this up, we will give up even more in the future. The statistics show that we have no problem compared to all European countries, whoever says something differently, either has no idea or lies with deliberate. If you want to improve something, you should fight alcohol! 70,000 dead approx. In the year on the consequences!

  7. Apart from this
    … that about 20.000 deaths in Germany are caused solely by alcohol consumption (74.000 is the number of alcohol + station wagon alcohol&Smoking) does the 3.850 traffic dead & 460.000 injured in 2020/1. HJ. 2021 no less combat. If you call it "no problem" & be it in comparison with other countries, I think that is inappropriate.

  8. Instead of truck expansion prohibition
    Are disregarded legal driving commands. Green fly inner German do not need a train or car. 500PS electric car with 80km/h so that the battery holds. Hardly a green car drives El car for it with a 15 -liter.What should a small earner think of these left plans?

  9. Best 120kmh
    That would be great on the BAB. The next cabaret piece of politics – before everyone after the last Disaster, S21, Berlin fire Airport, renewable energies, CO2 tax, foreigner meand. Uvm. Then you can then drive faster in the USA than in Germany – very good! In addition, the trucks drive the same speed as the car … nice with nem40 tonner 80mls/h (130kmh) by South Dakota! And one thing only because there should be a speed limitation. Here in San Diego there are 65mls/h (105kmh) on the Interstate If you don’t do min 70 Better 75 you are an obstacle and will be attached (10mls/h too quickly $ 400 up for the ticket). In addition, they drive like in the south. Relaxed driving? NO!!

  10. 130 h/km is slowly getting time,
    I think that is already justified and it is good for everyone, we don’t need a grid and guests who are looking for a racetrack in Germany. Something has to change, we want to leave our children a green world.

  11. @Kross – This is where the "facts police" speaks
    Never & never, 97.8% CO2 are caused by China, India, the USA, the eastern states (whatever they understand) & Africa. Germany alone is involved in the world CO2 with 2%. The entire EU ranks 3rd in the CO2 emissions to China & USA. There are also Canada, Latin America, Australia and and and and and and. All countries you mentioned also take part in the Paris climate agreement.

  12. Free trip for free citizens !
    The topic is as superfluous as a goiter. From 2030 all new cars will be with an electric drive, then the problem has been done. I have been driving an electric car for 3 years that is sealed off at 130 km. Most of the time I drive even slower on the highway to save reach. The electrical cars that are faster should also drive faster. Car driving with petrol or diesel is getting less and less to reduce the CO 2 value. The continuous price increase in petrol and diesel alone ensures that it is less gas.

  13. Delicious, almost my favorite word!
    The petrol/diesel are less! As of July 2021, the proportion of pure electric cars in the total stock was 0.96%, the likelihood of meeting an electric car is over 1: 100, in medicine one almost speaks of homeopathic doses. But the electrical beautiful speeches are just booming!

  14. I absolutely don’t want to
    Let it prescribe that I have to sneak from Hamburg to Fussen with a free and dry road at 130 km/h. You can also properly drive 180 km/h or 200km/h or 130 km/h. Finally leaves this patronage and know -it -all….Incidentally, the accident rate is not higher than with regulated sections (see Federal Statistical Office).

  15. Hello Mr. Kross,
    I think I wrote that exactly…The number of accidents is not higher in regulated sections than for non -limited sections.

  16. A speed limit of 130 km/h
    Has nothing, as always claimed to do free travel for free citizens. It has long been determined that the absolute free ride on the current traffic does not lead to the destination faster, but only means more stress. At a pace you drive much more relaxed. I drive about every year. 60.000 km and am absolutely for a limit, because then all the racers finally know exactly.

  17. Dear Mr. Krause
    If you are for 130, just drive 130, nobody will forbid you.If you make faster, why should you have more stress? At 250/h, you can make you relaxed and concentrated, so safe… As long as you can concentrate on the traffic and don’t have to look at your radar warning steadily.


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