Tesla: 2020er production & delivery destination of 500.000 E cars reached

Tesla: 2020er production & delivery destination of 500.000 E cars reached-production

Tesla announced at the beginning of the year 2021 that the production and delivery target set at the beginning 2020 of 500.000 vehicles has been reached. A mailed mail made in advance deleted this. As part of the announcement of production and delivery figures for the fourth quarter 2020 and thus for the entire year 2020, Tesla looks at 509.737 produced electric cars. The number of deliveries was 499.550 vehicles only 450 vehicles under the self-set target of 500.000 units.

Tesla, however, also provides that the exact number can only be announced with the “Q4 Earnings Call” later this month. The numbers can vary by up to 0.5%, says the company. The company announced in a statement:

“In 2020, we produced and delivered half a million vehicles, which is in line with our recent prognosis. In addition, the production of Model Y started in Shanghai, and the deliveries will begin soon. Many thanks to all our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and supporters who have helped us to achieve another great year.”

The sales were dominated as well as the deliveries once more of Model 3 and Model Y – the mass market stromer of Tesla. In total 161.650 times Model 3 and Model Y in the 4. Quarter 2020 delivered while the model S and Model X 18.920 times delivered. Demand for Teslas E-car seems unbroken, despite the challenges with Covid-19.

Tesla: 2020er production & delivery destination of 500.000 E cars reached-carsTesla

Own statement after several exhibition rooms had to fight with bottlenecks in the inventory, and the employees worked for a long time to achieve the raised goal, that after the Covid-19 pandemic was considered unattainable. Currently, Tesla has reported its largest quarter in terms of production and delivery in two consecutive quarters after the automaker in the third quarter 2020 139.300 cars delivered and 145.036 has produced.

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5 thoughts on “Tesla: 2020er production & delivery destination of 500.000 E cars reached”

  1. Large Bravo at Tesla. A company keeps what it promises. Of these, German automakers can only dream of. And facts can not be discussed away by tons of (bad) PR articles. Attract warmer to VW & Co.

  2. Unfortunately, commodity mammar growth of e-mobility is already braked in a few years. Until then, production will multiply several times in Tesla. In the time, mass manufacturers of burners will also increase moderately their BEV share (, based on their total sales). Profit with production of BEVs will not be generated in combustion manufacturers – more than CO2 penalties mitigate is not a theater.
    Whether cells with mass-widespread, cheap (including simple preparation) raw materials, lithium hygoxide and nickel can be replaced in five years, that will be the exciting question.

  3. The fact is: Tesla can now offer E-cars in China with combustion prices of comparable German combustion vehicles.
    Fact is also: No combustion manufacturer can produce Bevs cost-covering (no one required would pay anyone). Paragraph is increased accordingly only as long as this is calculated with CO2 criminal leasing. If the combustion rate falls in China, because of Tesla, NIO, BYD, … continue, comments on a corresponding chain reaction. There is no role anymore, whether we, a few German Hansl keep our manufacturers the pole.


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