Tesla: 241.300 deliveries in Q3-2021 – new record

Tesla: 241.300 deliveries in Q3-2021 - new record-deliveries

Tesla was known to be before the “most intense delivery week of all time” and seems to have true miracles. In the 3. Quarter 2021 were a total of 237.823 Tesla and 241.300 hand over to your customers. Banks had previously had around 223.000 deliveries predicted. Thus, the American car manufacturers surpassed the expectations of the most optimistic observers in the markets.

This confirms that the delivery wave was successful in this quarter. The previous quarter record (Q2 2021) was exceeded by a good 20 percent. The deliveries even exceeded the number of vehicles manufactured in Q3. The production of Model S / X seem to recover. After 2.340 sold units In the previous quarter, the two vehicles come to 8.941 Model S / X and 9.275 delivered units.

From Tesla Model 3 and the Elektro-SUV Model Y left 228 in the last three months.882 copies The factory halls, 232.025 vehicles were delivered. If you take a look back, turns out that for the previous delivery record in Q2 2021 with 201.250 vehicles significantly the model 3 and Model Y were responsible. From Model S and Model X, whose revised versions had presented Tesla at the end of January, barely vehicles were made between April to June.

Forecasts on declining demand and “No more demand” have been a major topic of Tesla critics / skeptics for several years, with the current sales record, Tesla teaches this but a better. The signs of this record quota have already indicated in the second quarter when Tesla had sold out some of his models earlier months before. In July, Tesla China sold the recently announced Model Y Long Range to the 4. And in August, Tesla sold its lowest priced model 3 for the rest of the year. It may be curious which sales figures Tesla is recorded for the full year 2021.

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9 thoughts on “Tesla: 241.300 deliveries in Q3-2021 – new record”

  1. For the next few years, the electric car was boomed. The burner dies faster and faster. The messages are over. There is also for Tesla growth in it. Especially if you look at the absurd handling of the Japanese automotive industry with this change process. They did not notice anything.

    Only will it be toughed over the next few years, because they will assume the solvents middle school customer. Teslas calculation does not cope with large customer discounts. So company cars are electric, which will be largely done without Tesla. The rental cars are electrically, even these are more of a Teslas and, especially, they have no favorable beginner models. These are new used cars, Z.B. Just the annual cars and rent returners, the leasing returns or small cars. Even the baby Tesla will be back over 30k in this country, that’s clear now.

    Above all, people who can now move in combustors can change within their brand and work the sales organizations. So no one has to take a Tesla if he wants to drive electrically. Especially in sought-after variants like a bus, small sports car or a kind of station wagon at Tesla are not on offer and not planned.

    And the information and service policy is still a nightmare. Goodwill is a foreign word. Now the old 77er batteries were sold out soon, soon from approx. December there are sometime 82s for the same money. Nobody knows what he gets when and the battery size can be seen for the first time in the papers. Privacy at Tesla is a nightmare anyway. Does not everyone make everyone ..

  2. Congratulations Tesla !!!

    I am very happy to be part of this quarterly sales &# 128578;

    If Tesla can evolve as rapid as before, this will be a wonderful future for the electromobility and the climate.

    If even the “Business Insider” notes this week that at VW “alarm is”, then it wants something already.

    So, if Tesla probably needs 10 hours to build a model 3 – VW, on the other hand, 2-3 days for an ID3, then I’ll take a little worried at Tesla around the future of margins and potential price cuts / fleet rabs, with VW then sooner &# 128521;

    Time wants Tell – I’ll drive ahead in our Model Y before ahead &# 128578;

  3. Horny It has reason why Tesla simply value many times as much as all German car manufacturers! They are old baked and boring! Without Tesla, the gray Eminenzen would still build the tractors …New model s already ordered!

  4. With two M3SR + our daughter and son (the latter = company car) were involved with deliveries in the middle09. They have become ill – have been getting since the broad grinning no longer …; ()

    The best:
    As good as every BEV on the streets, that means well forever for a dirty burner and is a strong painful sting in the meat of the old arrogance.

  5. I was never a friend of Tesla but how it seems they just make a lot different and the success seems to give them right. In addition, I do not want to miss the Tesla share anymore. If the quality rises in the future and the handling of customers will be better, I see for the German difficult times. The problem will then meet the whole country. So the manufacturers should slowly give electricity in the interest of all Germans.

  6. Tesla will not be able to save from demand because the stop remains the only one with functioning charging network.

    Gestures 22:00 HPC Geiselwind. An IX3 tries to load the EON HPCs there.

    First charging point: No activation possible
    Second charging point: Charging card is not accepted

    There is a roof and EC payment, but whom uses that if it does not work reliably.

    There is a look over to the Tesla SUCS to know which car one should order better than better than better alternative to a BMW


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