Tesla: 500.000 E cars in 2020, Model Y more reach, delivery from April

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Tesla: 500.000 E cars in 2020, Model Y more reach, delivery from April-2020

In 2019, in terms of electromobility was definitely “the year of the Tesla”. This knew the American company at yesterday evening with publication of the quarterly figures for the last quarter in 2019 to be underline.

2019: “The Year of Tesla” – continues to be in profit zone

Tesla contributed significantly to the 78.9 percent increase in pure electric auto approvals in Europe last year. This will be apparent if one considers the European market and the Model 3 approvals from the market growth external. Because instead of just under 79 percent, Europe’s e-car market is then “only” grown by 31 percent. With 109.469 approved E-cars in 2019, Tesla even overtook the total volume of Honda approvals in the same period. These only brought it to 104.528 new registrations in Europe.

Teslas Model 3, which was introduced in Europe in the first quarter of last year, made 86 percent or 93.943 vehicles – the entire European approvals from Tesla. The two premium models of the company, the Model X and Model S suffered under this sales plus of Model 3. We come back to the fourth quarter. Tesla produced almost 105 between October and December.000 vehicles and delivered about 112.000 electric cars worldwide. Thus, the American electric car manufacturer was a total of 367.500 vehicles delivered, 50% more than in the previous year.

In addition to the sales figures, the financial figures are now available. These are extremely positive. Tesla recorded an increase of $ 105 million for the past quarter. That’s 17 percent less than in the previous quarter ($ 143 million), but the direction is right. After two initial loss quarters in the first half of 2019, Tesla continues to remain in the profit zone. For the full year, the company records a shortfall of around 860 million dollars; which in view of high investments in global growth is little surprising.

Sales have continued to rise. Cross-quarter 3 came Tesla to $ 7.38 billion – an increase of the 17 percent. In 2019, $ 24.5 billion on the counter, three billion dollars are more than in 2018. Tesla himself referred to 2019 as a turning point. Due to the “organic demand” after Model 3 and a strict cost control throughout the company, it has been possible to make the business profitably.

Outlook for 2020 – 500.000 E car possible

For 2020 Tesla “clearly over 500.000 vehicles “deliver. Since the manufacture of Model 3 and the Model Y will receive in Fremont drive, 2020 are likely to be higher than the delivery figures, the manufacturer notices. Certainly, Giga Shanghai is a large extent to achieve this paragraph destination. We remember: In mid-December, the note came from us that several rumors suggest that Tesla sold in China soon locally manufactured Model 3. Since the end of December it is time since. First, the sale of a small number of Model 3 to employees has begun. At the event, Tesla China General Manager Wang Hao to understand that already more than 1.000 model 3 are produced each week. Where Tesla meanwhile at 3.000 vehicles arrived per week and the first production quarter is already completely sold out.

Tesla is currently at right now in Fremont 90.000 Model S / X and 400.000 Model 3 / Y build and another 150 in Shanghai.000 Model 3. By the end of the year, you can expect a capacity of 500.000 Units for Model 3 / Y in Fremont and are to install additional capacity for Model 3 and Model Y in Shanghai. However, one has not said about the numbers there. Already in mid-2020 Tesla goes from the production hood of Model Y to have mastered.

Tesla Model Y comes in March on the street

It is known that the Tesla Model Y production seems to start 6 months earlier than planned, from deliveries in the first quarter already was already mentioned. And just these rumors condense. Tesla insiders to understand the press conference in the run-up to the press conference that the company is already in two weeks; So start at the beginning of February 2020 with the delivery of the First Model Y. Tesla boss Elon Musk sets the rumors around the delivery start of the Model Y now.

Since the beginning of the year, the Model Y will be manufactured and should be delivered to the end of the first quarter to the first customer. The production of Model Y in Shanghai, however, was only provided in 2021. It was presented for the first time in March 2019 a worldwide audience and will initially be in a rear-wheel-driven long range variant from 43.$ 700 as well as in an all-wheel drive Long Range variant from 47.700 dollars and an all-wheel drive performance variant from 56.700 dollars.

Tesla Model Y in the future with more range

In addition to the fact that the Model Y should come to the road from the end of the first quarter, it was also known that Tesla has increased the range of 450 km to 507 km for the four-wheel drive performance variant. Thus, buyers of the top series receive almost 12 percent more reach for the same purchase price. Tesla was able to implement this range of range by “continued technical progress”, which were not further specified.

“Due to Continued Engineering Progress of the Model Y All-Wheel Drive (AWD), We Have Been Able to Increase Its Maximum EPA Range to 315 Miles, Compared To Our Previous Estimate of 280 Miles. This Extends Model Y’s Lead As The Most Energy-Efficient Electric SUV IN THE WORLD.”- Tesla

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4 thoughts on “Tesla: 500.000 E cars in 2020, Model Y more reach, delivery from April”

  1. I hope Tesla can use the Model Y scale effects and offer model 3 cheaper in the future.

    I find 50.000 Euro (standard range incl. Winter tires) For a car with just over 400km range, for which I should pay 10 euros a month for reasonable infotainment, just too expensive! Paired with the, I call it “risky”, quality and the small service network would be a Tesla simply and just too much potential for trouble.

    Model 3 must be at least 15-20% cheaper so that I would respond this “venture”.

  2. Tesla seems to get the curve yes. That was not really for the last 2 years. You still have no cars that could be purchased as a cheaper second car, but technically you are ahead of everyone else, especially in terms of efficiency. Why you are so much more efficient like the competition, I do not understand so far but well … If you want long-mounted suitability, leads to Tesla passed by, stood today.
    It would be nice if you would also get the processing quality under control and it gives more dealers (I would have to believe I drive 100km to the next dealer), then it would be more interesting. Also, many commuters would like to wish to think of favorable second cars, but that will be so fast with Tesla. They have to stretch now to get profit.

  3. Under 13 kWh / 100 km is a good value, because most with good CW are value. But mainly depends on the driving style. and number of on-board consumers. From the efficiency of the engines are probably not big differences to make foods more.(SUV S excluded) On the highway If I pay attention to reach, I only go to ECO mode at the ZOE for many trucks. (Overhaul) at short distances us house is sporty, you can recharge your home from the PV roof for free.


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