Tesla and Panasonic herald the start of production in the “Gigafactory”

Tesla and Panasonic herald the start of production in the

It is now clear to almost everyone that Tesla Motors, together with Panasonic, is not building just any plant in the Nevada desert, but rather the future of electromobility. The Gigafactory serves as a production facility for the lithium-ion batteries for the company’s electric vehicles, particularly the Tesla Model 3. Until the opening, the production of such battery cells was dominated by countries such as China, Japan and South Korea. If Musk has his way, this will now change.

Currently 2 are already working today.900 people in Tesla’s Gigafactory, in the coming years this number is sure to increase. Which is quite understandable, considering that the factory is only a good third complete. In cooperation with Panasonic, the creation of positions for 6.500 full-time employees planned. If they all go about their work, then a doubling of the world production of lithium-ion batteries can be expected.

A successful execution of this plan is immensely important for Tesla Motors to be able to meet the established schedule on the way to mass production of electric vehicles. After all, 500 have to.000 Tesla Model 3 will be equipped with batteries, which the company wants to sell by 2018. With its own battery production, Tesla also wants to influence the most expensive factor in an electric car and influence prices accordingly. Musk’s calculation could work: The price of batteries fell by 22 percent last year and, according to Bloomberg forecasts, will continue to fall in 2017 – by 15 to 20 percent.

Wirtschaftswoche – Tesla and Panasonic The “Gigafactory” is ramping up

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