Tesla Autopilot and FSD: Did Elon Musk Promise Too Much?

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Tesla has only reached level 2, an engineer from the company told authorities

Tesla Autopilot and FSD: Did Elon Musk Promise Too Much?-autopilot

Elon Musk may have over-promised Tesla‘s autopilot when discussing the capabilities of Full Self Driving (FSD) in early 2021. At least that’s what a Tesla engineer gave a California authority on record, as reported by the news portal Bloomberg.

Apparently, the US website Plainsite made an official request to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) about the content of the conversation between the agency and Tesla and received a series of emails. One of the most interesting emails is a memo from March 9th. DMV officials then asked a certain CJ Moore (a person in charge of the Tesla Autopilot) whether Musk’s claims that Tesla vehicles could be fully autonomous as early as 2021 were true.

Apparently, the authority was referring to a tweet from Elon Musk from January, in which the Tesla boss implicitly announced autonomous driving at level 5 for 2021:

The Tesla engineer’s answer to the authority’s questions was apparently very clear after the memo: "According to the CJ, Elon’s tweet does not correspond to technical reality," wrote DMV official Miguel Acosta.

Musk has been claiming for several years that it is on the verge of mastering level 5 autonomous driving – which means that human driver intervention is no longer necessary at all. Despite frequent social media postings from beta tests However, the Full Self Driving (FSD) has not yet gone into series production.

"Tesla is currently at level 2." (Official of the California authority DMV)

"Tesla is currently at Level 2," Acosta wrote in the memo. "Tesla stated that Elon extrapolated progress when talking about L5 skills. Tesla had no way of knowing if progress would lead to L5 by the end of the calendar year."

The statements give a rare insight into Tesla internals, which are likely to cause explosives within the company. They show that Tesla engineers do not always agree with the boss’s promises.

Incidents like the recent Tesla accident in Texas show what Musk’s offensive autopilot claims can lead to: Two people were recently killed in a Model S there who might have tried to see whether the autopilot could also steer the car itself. According to the police, no one was in the driver’s seat.

More on the topic of autonomous driving: Tesla Autopilot and FSD: Did Elon Musk Promise Too Much?-musk Tesla’s Full Self Driving Beta is slated to start in the second quarter

Tesla Autopilot and FSD: Did Elon Musk Promise Too Much?-autopilot VW ID.Buzz is said to be the group’s first car to drive autonomously

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