Tesla boss: Elon Musk’s autopilot lie-he promises the feature since 2013

False promises

The Elon Musk’s autopilot lie: Tesla boss promises the super feature since 2013

Tesla boss: Elon Musk's autopilot lie-he promises the feature since 2013-lie-he
Tesla Elon Musk’s autonomous lies collected: Tesla boss has promised Autopilot since 2013

The core fusion reactor has always been 30 years in the future. This mockingly "Merger" The phenomenon mentioned also applies to Elon Musk. According to the Tesla boss, the autopilot for its cars has always been two years away-for eight years now.

In mid-2013, now over eight years ago, Tesla boss Elon Musk spoke publicly about his plans for a autopilot for the first time-the software that should make its electric cars autonomous driving at level 4: The vehicle can drive here completely independently , recognize all traffic situations correctly and master accordingly, while the passengers can no longer concentrate on traffic at all on request and turn to other tasks.

At that time Musk promised: "We should be able to reach 90 percent of the miles driven within three years." It was meant at the time that Tesla vehicles could cover 90 percent of the route driving completely autonomously within three years. At this point, however, the electric car maker has not reached today – although Musk has promised for the time that it will only take two years.

A resourceful Reddit user has now collected 15 instances since 2013 in which Musk has made this promise.

In 2018, Tesla vehicles should be able to cross the USA independently

Musk promised in 2014 that the autopilot, who can master 90 percent route independently, will be a reality a year later. A year later, towards the end of 2015, Musk followed again without redeeming his previous promise: "In the end we will achieve complete autonomy and I think that will be in about two years."

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Tesla boss: Elon Musk's autopilot lie-he promises the feature since 2013-lie-he

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Shortly afterwards, in January 2016 Musks followed the next full-bodied promise, according to which a Tesla driver in Los Angeles in 2018 "Smart Summon" from New York, i.e. from the other end of the continent, can also be called.

This claim was followed by long radio silence around the autopilot. At the beginning of 2019, however, Musk even let himself be carried away by the statement that completely autonomous driving should be possible in the same year. This promise follow at least seven other instances in which Musk promises completely autonomous driving for his vehicles, each in the same or subsequent year, sometimes only two years later. However, the electric car maker remains guilty of the functionality to this day.

The five levels of autonomous driving

The terms autonomous and automated driving are often synonymous, there are important differences. These are the five levels of autonomous driving:

  • Level 0: The driver controls the car completely.
  • Level 1: There are assistance systems such as distance control or lane change warning, which only support the driver. This technology is widespread today down to the small car area.
  • Level 2: This is the level at which modern vehicles of the upper middle class and upper class are already located. Sub -automated systems can take over certain functions, such as track guidance or partial automatic parking. Models such as the current Mercedes E-Class, Teslas Model S and Model X or the BMW 5 Series are already dominating the level 2. At Tesla, even more functions were temporarily unlocked, but they were put back after a few incidents.
  • Level 3: This is the (high) automated driving, in which the driver must be able to intervene at any time, but may also turn to other things if the system is activated. With a warning time, the driver can be asked to take the lead again. Level 3 is developed as standard, for example in the Audi A8 .
  • Level 4: At the fully automated driving the driver can even intervene if the system fails, but as a rule the car should take over everything. This level is currently being tested in practice by various car manufacturers and suppliers as well as tech groups.
  • Level 5: At the actual autonomous driving is no longer required. You no longer need a steering wheel or other controls. The occupants become pure passengers.

It remains to be stated that the development of a ‘real’ autopilot is an extreme challenge for software and hardware experts alike. Tesla’s attempts in this area are also correspondingly ambitious – but it would probably not be a bad idea to hold back with promises first.

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This article was written by Tobias Stahl

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Tesla boss: Elon Musk's autopilot lie-he promises the feature since 2013-lie-he

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  1. Better musk than this
    You can think about Musk as you want, at least he has visions and ideas. What does it have … The VW boss in addition to his submissiveness of the government, probably from the diesel scandal, which almost ruined the entire German auto industry and enabled the Greens to win over the internal combustion engine. I prefer a musk a thousand times.

  2. Elon Musk – appointed person of 2021
    … from the time magazine. How nice for him. However, the almost god -like adoration of Elon Musk, who shows a certain civil servant in retirement, is slowly taking a bizarre, so as not to say, pathological features. And that Elon Musk wants to save the world better & the planet is a stair joke par excellence.

  3. Elon Musk – appointed person of 2021
    … from the time magazine. From site to the "autopilot liar". The latter is a bad joke, the former is a good one. Musk is multidimensional: genius, entrepreneur, visionary, clown & Witzbold. Last week z.B. he considered on his account whether he should settle his jobs & influencers – a typical nutmeg joke. His haters, of whom there are enough, too, here in the forum, cannot laugh at something like that. See him a crazy fraud with Asperger, wish him the bankruptcy on his neck. He instructs her one in a better one. Tesla now controls two thirds of the e-car market and is worth more than one trillion dollar. His huge fortune is only a side effect for him, the drive spring is different: to make the world better & save the planet.

  4. The "Autonomous Driving" project
    This could certainly avoid 80% of road traffic damage-related person and property damage. But why trains do not drive autonomously, except in a few exceptions, although they are on the move and therefore represent much fewer technical challenges for autonomous driving than a largely freely movable vehicle? You don’t have to start discussing with aircraft, unless you count militarily or civilian drones. 100% autonomous driving with a vehicle is and remains a brain clamping, a vision and who has visions, former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt had already discussed this.

  5. The "Autonomous Driving" project
    … is not just another automobile innovation, as we have experienced again and again in the past 100 years. It has a completely different dimension in its meaning for humanity. The following figures show this: In the first 20 years of the new millennium, traffic accidents are approx. 25 million people died & approx. 80 million were injured. That was much more than all wars, natural disasters and pandemics taken together. AI in the autonomous car could avoid 80% of road traffic or property damage. It seems secondary who wins the race for autonomous driving. The main thing is that it runs & the technology comes. The earlier the better!

  6. Autonomous or not ?
    Why are there actually no autonomous trains ? That would be the simplest of all means of transport, after all, they cannot turn somewhere independently ! However, there is basically someone in it, who regularly one "Sign of life" must give away. Since mankind cannot even construct it autonomously, you need something like something like "Autonomous driving" Don’t even think or discuss in the approach. It’s always just about assistance systems in any form….not more ! However, you have to admit that the Elon does not sell a product that is not available at all !!!!!

  7. at
    The quality of Tesla’s cars is better to never have these vehicles drive autonomously and to endanger other road users unnecessarily

  8. Good hardware, lousy software
    So I would describe my Tesla. The car itself has been really ok since you come china from the hardware. The software is the worst one you can get on the market. Fully autonomous driving will take until it works really well under all conditions, still decades. This does not only affect Tesla but all manufacturers …

  9. Level 4
    In fact, it didn’t even have one "Mars rover". At most, it has a highly developed level 3 and stops and stops "complaining", If he doesn’t know what to do. Then the ground control must intervene, with a time delay of twice 3 to 22 minutes (back and forth), depending on the distance between Mars and Earth. And in these things there are decades of research and developments. Apart from that, things are on the road at a speed, in which even subsequent snails would press the lighting floors. Level 5 is and remains a brain, a vision and if you have visions, former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt had already explained this.

  10. Who cares?
    For the majority of the keeper, vehicles with driver’s dismantling systems are just as much an option as immature overpriced €-karren. Until this has penetrated manufacturers, tuition will probably be sunk past buyers. Murphy’s law also applies in the car: with the increase in the electronic complexity density, the risk of errors and failure grows in the square. Tired experiences with the rampant electronic verkille were reason enough for me to finally shoot the last electronics and workshop depot time, to finally shoot younger BJS and to replace it with a best preserved youngtimer. Principle: What is not installed cannot break and therefore has exactly 0 breakdown and failure potential. It takes vehicles to drive – no electronic base cabinet…


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