Tesla buys super battery from Panasonic – five times more reach for half a price – News – News

The electronics group and battery producer Panasonic helps Tesla to make its promise true: The Japanese company has presented a new battery prototype that should store five times as much energy than currently common batteries-and that is much cheaper.

Panasonic presented the prototype of a battery in a media discussion last week, which should have five times the storage capacity of current batteries. According to a report by Automotive News, the battery should not only deliver more energy, but also cost 50 percent less in the production and the battery production at Panasonic by 2030 should be able to increase 100 times.

Super battery from Panasonic – Tesla secures new battery

Kazuo Tadanobu, the company’s head of the company’s battery division, said that the new battery should contribute primarily to deepen the business relationships between Panasonic and US electric car manufacturer Tesla. The battery is a battery cell in 4680 format, i.e. with a width of 46 mm and 80 mm. Tesla had announced last year to want to change with this format in its more expensive models to battery cells because this format was cheaper in production and could enable larger ranges. "We have developed [this battery] due to the strong wish of the other business party, and we believe that this can only lead to stronger relationships", said Tadanobu.Tadanobu also said that Panasonic has no plans to produce lithium iron phosphate batteries (LFP batteries) that Tesla has been installing in its Chinese electric cars for some time and recently in all basic versions of its model 3 and Model Y.

Tesla buys super battery from Panasonic - five times more reach for half a price - News - News-buys

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Tesla buys super battery from Panasonic - five times more reach for half a price - News - News-reach

glomex "Quirky old?" When jurors turn to a candidate, they are amazed

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Tesla buys super battery from Panasonic - five times more reach for half a price - News - News-buys

glomex German emigrant couple reports of the day on which it has lost everything

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18 thoughts on “Tesla buys super battery from Panasonic – five times more reach for half a price – News – News”

  1. That will then ….
    -Five times more reach for half a price: Tesla buys super battery from Panasonic- … that is … Too duplicate range at 1/4 of the price, but is still not a solution for tank times! And for that that we can first provide the electricity

  2. @Sochgen something else!
    The market of the future! According to Radics, China wants to take a ban on conventional cars until 2060. A surprising announcement for him, because a few months ago it was considered agreed that China wanted to get out of combustion technology as early as 2030. Even if more and more nations think about such admission bans or prefer to prefer, in China it is decided what the drive train of the future will look like, Radics believes. In the medium term, this future does not have to do without combustion engine. Combined, also with synthetic fuels and fuel cell drive, played an important role as alternatives to the electrical drive, according to the expert. According to the automotive industry, the music plays.de, not in Germany!

  3. Small cars remain burners …
    There are enough EU countries that have established jobs for affordable small cars. The 2.5 tons of class electric city tanks are also missing there and the power grid is also not designed for this. In France, Superethanol E85 costs 65CT/L and replace the 15% fossil with e-gasoline would be affordable. Stay cool, recharge your batteries!

  4. @Sochgen
    You understand or just don’t want to understand it, in principle I don’t care! I bought the vehicle for my needs. Far cheaper than any electric car, with operating costs on the highway that are cheaper than with an electric car. Yes, there are people who need their vehicle regularly on a long-distance route and not as a stand device on the domestic PV system. I enjoy completing my trips on the highway quickly and not regularly to represent time on charging stations in expensive electricity tariffs! If it did its job later, I will look around for alternatives. Ultimately, I don’t care whether this understands a forist like the message from the sack of sack rice in China!

  5. @Sochgen
    This is only ridiculous when they try to cite me about any behavior. As if I were responsible for them in any way! Drive your e-mobile and leave the decision to make the right mobility, but do not permanently get on my nerves to me and other forists. Ridicule is also a way to attract attention!

  6. @KOpnick
    Right, it gets embarrassing when you read their comments! I recommend electric car news from 26.08.2021! The article shows you how embarrassing your argument is for you! Sometimes it is good that people are retiring when it comes to global developments! China shows that you shouldn’t be considerate of small spirits! China, Japan and Korea show where it goes. German industry and some forists can watch in the future!

  7. My dear embarrassing Mr. Vogel
    … why do you read my comments again and again, even though it becomes really embarrassing for you, how you tell you. Your self -confidence is always amazing. Call other small spirits & are themselves from the tribe of the small spirits. Which leads to the fact that you cannot duel with them mentally, because that would be unfair after they are unarmed.

  8. great!!!
    I did everything right. 10/2024 bought new 160ps petrol engine. Paid for a well -known autoportal with 39.94% including € 21989.88. The same vehicle costs z.Z. A whopping around 30300 € with only 21% discount. At 61, I will drive the vehicle far into my pension and then maybe buy a superaccu. In contrast, owners of the welding beads on the forehead could get owners of previous electric cars, because new superaccus suddenly turn their expensive e-cars unsalable scrap iron!

  9. Card reader bird
    Card reader yourself, mega embarrassing & ridiculous. Bird post from 30.10.21, when the message came, the last H2 BZ mohican, Toyota switches to battery: “The forecasts show that the fuel cell … will be more successful than it was the battery technology in the past few years,…. But with the battery fans there is a discussion. … meaningless!“Like Cringy (youth mode word d.J.) is that!?

  10. Fact check
    The new battery cells have approximately 5 times the volume and thus about 5 times the capacity of the previous cells. Of course, not as many of the larger cells will be installed in a car. As a result, the range per car does not increase 5 times, but only per cell. Nevertheless, these cells offer an advantage because fewer cells instead of many small cells lead less unused spaces. This can gain about 15% reach by using this volume more sensibly.

  11. Impressive
    as the "petrolheads" Get heart caster again. At first a car does not work because too expensive, and too little reach. And if that is improved, it is not right again.

  12. It doesn’t work either
    Basically, they have not yet recognized the problem. 5x more range means 5x more battery capacity. This follows either 5x as long or 5x more charging power in today’s vehicles. The right way would be to build small and light cars that simply use 3 times less. What would not be done with the new batteries, but the car manufacturers would not be built.

  13. Oh well…
    First of all, I see the weekly announcement of the new Wunderkus. In the report there is too much again, should etc. So first as always hot air. On the other hand, 5x more range also means 5x more capacity and 5x more loading time or 5x more charging power and we have the usual problem of long loading times again. Such batteries do not bring anything in terms of extension because they are no longer sensible due to the high capacity at some point. E-mobility does not work as Tesla and Co. pretend. In order to build reasonable electric cars, completely different approaches must be constructively pursued than currently being pursued by almost every car manufacturer. Tesla included.

  14. Mr. Sochgen
    There is the problem. The higher the capacity, the higher the charging capacity to load at the same time. …And where should they come from if there are currently problems with the charging stations? E-mobility is struggling to do not build cars that fit e-mobility. Something has to be done. This is currently a dead end because a wrong way has been taken.

  15. That’s how it looks !
    Always thought Tesla is miles away from everything else anyway and better not possible ! Obviously there is regularly the Wunderkuku, even outside the Tesla haunted group. Only: where are they in reality ? And: burn the new developments so well ? No matter what type of battery is installed: you have to be able to charge them, and that’s exactly where the main problem is…..

  16. Are Teslaakkus!!
    This new cell type of Panasonic now produced as a manufacturer for Tesla has been developed by Tesla. In detail presented at Batteryday. No miracle battery but very good evolutionary step. We will see the charging properties soon.

  17. Factor 100 to 2030
    Panasonic will therefore be hung by the production capacities by 2030. Maybe the German manufacturers are slowly awakening!?! If you want to keep your market shares, you should have similar plans! Which German manufacturer is currently building cell production in a large scale? Right: none !!! And then frown through the different developments in stock prices.

  18. Exactly Mr. Sochgen
    If Panasonic hires the capacity by 2030, this amount is only delivered to Tesla? Certainly not. Or seriously believe the Tesla around 70 by 2030. Million. Building cars a year? Do not always pretend that only Tesla and his suppliers would be innovative. It’s not that so far there would be some large car manufacturer because of Tesla. Or do you know one?


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