Tesla calls 475.000 e-cars due to security issues

Tesla calls 475.000 e-cars due to security issues-e-cars

Tesla calls more than 475.000 his Tesla Model 3 and Model S back to fix problems with the reversing camera and the trunk, which increase the risk of accidents, according to the US traffic safety authority.

In detail shows that the American car manufacturer 356.309 Model 3 vehicles must recall from the years 2017 to 2020. In these models, problems with the reversing camera occur. Furthermore, 119 are.009 Tesla Model S for problems with the front bonnet has been recalled, so the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The total number of vehicles retrieved is close to half a million vehicles, the Tesla delivered last year. So far, Tesla could not be achieved for comment on how various media report.

At the sedan Model 3, the harness of the reversing camera can be damaged by opening and closing the trunk lid so that the image of the reversing camera is no longer displayed. To remedy the Tesla Service Center should build a guide protection and a new wiring harness, if necessary, free. If you drive one of the affected models, you will be after the 18th. February 2022 received a letter with instructions for further action. Alternatively, one can also actively contact the Tesla customer service for more information. Tesla uses the record number SB-21-17-008 for this special callback.

Model S, on the other hand, is exposed to the risk that there are problems with the interlocking of the front bonnet. This can cause the trunk “opens without warning and the driver’s view of the driver hinders what the risk of an accident increases,” said Tesla opposite the authority. The Tesla Customer Service will fix the problem with a free inspection and repositioning of the locking system, but only if necessary. Tesla uses the file number SB-21-11-003 for the callback of Model S. The letters to the owners of the affected vehicles will be sent simultaneously with the callback letters for the model 3.

So far, the manufacturer is not known to accidents, injuries or deaths related to the problems of Model 3 and Model S, the NHTSA. In addition, Tesla is currently under observation of the NHTSA because of other problems. The Nhtsa had an investigation of 580.000 Tesla vehicles initiated because the automaker allows it to play games on the screens of the vehicles while driving. Tesla has stated then not to allow the playback of video games on the screens of his vehicles during the journey.

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6 thoughts on “Tesla calls 475.000 e-cars due to security issues”

  1. (Repeat my comment, which I briefly before a article from 28.12.Posted 2021.)

    Tesla is not the only company with recall, see

    In the US, the callbacks between 2011 and 2020 were evaluated. The sad overall result: 330 million had to go back to the manufacturer.


    Prof. Dr. Stefan Bratzel, Director and Founder of the Research Institute Center of Automotive Management (CAM), has been published in a study published a few days ago US car market presented and those who can see anything but a trendy: Almost 49 million recalls in 2020 and first half of 2021 – This is a callback quota of 208 or. 227 percent measured at the new registrations.

    (Source: Efahrer.chip.DE – 25.12.2021)

    Tesla is now a large (e-auto) car manufacturer, there are greater callbacks barely avoid.

  2. The problem with model 3 is not to be classified as a security problem, as a failure of the back camera does not do relevant smears.
    Furthermore, LT. Report, appreciated only 1% affected.

    An opening front flap is already something else and also concerns about 14% (if I have really in mind).

    Too bad that this was not illuminated here, but only the rice-serious press was taken as a template.

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