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The Tesla plant called "Giga Berlin" is almost completed. What is still missing is the design of the facade. At Twitter, Tesla has now called artists and talented graffiti sprayers to send their designs and ideas to the company by email. In the video you can see what the Gigafactory currently looks like.

For the design of the facade of the first German Tesla plant in Brandenburg, the company counts on fans and the public, because the electric car manufacturer plans to have the concrete walls painted with graffiti art. The tweet literally says: “Anyone who can beautify our Giga Berlin with graffiti should be his works to Gigaberlinart@tesla.Send com.“There were already numerous proposals from the Tesla fan base, which shared their works of art on Twitter. As an example, other users posted their suggestions under a contribution by the drone pilot and Twitter user @gf4tesla. Among other things, there is the not very serious proposal to design a facade of the work with a graffiti motif of the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. To do this, you have to know that company boss Elon Musk has sworn off his previous favorite Bitcoin a few days earlier and now preferred Dogecoin.

Tesla calls up graffiti artists: This is how the Gigafactory could look like - news-graffiti
Twitter @Dogeclimber Tesla calls up graffiti artists: This is how the Gigafactory could look like soon

The call to design the facade is evaluated by many as an indication that the production facility will soon be completed. This cannot be confirmed or denied, but according to current pictures, at least the shell of the work is largely completed. So it is written in another tweet that the company Goldbeck, which was responsible for the construction of the halls made of precast concrete parts, ended its work. Elon Musk has recently flown to Germany to examine the progress of the construction work of the “Giga Berlin”. Together with JOrg Steinbach, the Brandenburg Minister of Economics, Labor and Energy, Musk visited the construction site. Then both wrote on Twitter that there was great progress in completion. Elon Musk even commented on the tweet Steinbachs with the words: "He hoped that after the construction work ended, the factory will be referred to as the jewel of Brandenburg".

Tesla on 19. May. The responsible Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection Mluk Brandenburg gave early permission for the installation of machines and aggregates in the final assembly of the Tesla plant and also posted this message on Twitter. The Tesla Model Y is to be manufactured in the factory from the end of 2021. The exact time has been postponed several times and is currently still open. The German Blog Teslamag and Teslarati also reports in the "Giga Berlin", reports the German Blog Teslamag and Teslarati. The procedure called "Giga Press" is already in use in the Tesla plant in Texas, USA and enables the Model Y to manufacture the rear body of only one part using a huge metal press. This not only accelerates the production, the stiffness and quality could also be improved, according to Tesla,. In the previous procedure, the rear body was composed of 69 individual parts. The Tesla Model Y is a compact crossover SUV and shares the same platform as the Model 3. Delivery in the USA began on 13. March 2020. The electric car is currently being produced in Fremont (California, USA) and Shanghai (China) and soon also in Brandenburg’s "Giga Berlin".

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