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Louis Rossmann is an American who has made a name for himself as a repair technician and activist for the ‘right to repair’.

Rossmann is committed to ensuring that technology giants and other companies should not make it unnecessarily difficult for their buyers to repair their products themselves. Rossmann may currently want such a right to repair for his Tesla – because he is not at all satisfied with this.

The name Louis Rossmann may be familiar with Apple users and technology fans: The 32-year-old opened a repair shop in New York City in 2007, in which he mainly devotes himself to repairing MacBooks. In addition, Rossmann’s name also succeeded in public with a TV report from 2018-at that time the activist was able to uncover that Apple carried out extremely costly repairs with its iPhones and MacBooks, although they are not necessary and the actual problem can be remedied very easily leaves.

These business practices are probably one of the most important reasons for Rossmann’s activism around the so -called right to repair, which is intended to make end users easier to repair electronic devices themselves instead of having to hand in at service points. On the video platform YouTube Rossmann, Rossmann also regularly publishes videos in which he explains how his viewers can repair certain gadgets and equipment himself.

However, Rossmann also has another YouTube channel on which he documents incoherent snippets of his everyday life. There the activist has a video under the fighting title a few days ago "Tesla cannot build cars" uploaded.

Rossmann’s insurance agency had provided him with a Tesla Model 3 as a replacement vehicle, while his old vehicle [for reasons not mentioned in the video, note. D. Red.] is scrapped. With Model 3, however, Rossmann is anything but satisfied: it has already started with the fact that the service technician had problems with screwing the license plate on the Stromer. In addition, the vehicle was apparently not cleaned before delivery, although it "directly from a Tesla showroom" It has come: In the cup holder there are thick pastries that the service technician may have left there.

However, what Rossmann really brings on the palm is the processing in Model 3: Both the rubber profile on the entrance bar on the driver’s side, as well as the interior cladding on the front driver side of the B-pillar are so dilettanly assembled that the responsible Tesla employee during installation "high" Rossmann complains. At least the loose cladding in the event of a traffic control would give a great drug hill, Rossmann also jokes with a friend who is also present in the video.

After all: Tesla thought of the symmetry when assembled, because the rear interior cladding of the B-pillar is also completely loose. "Revolutionary cars, but a shitty company", is Rossmann’s judgment. Although Tesla has done something revolutionary with his autopilot and his own Supercharger network-unfortunately the company as such was simply unusable.

Rossmann tries to take it calmly anyway: "At least the car drives straight, the engine control lamp does not start and the engine does not start to smoke on the highway. Maybe I should just be grateful for what I have."

This article was written by Tobias Stahl
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