Tesla: Complete construction site in Grunheide examined

Large control on Friday

After illegal construction of tanks: Complete Tesla construction site in Grunheide examined

Tesla: Complete construction site in Grunheide examined-tesla
Patrick Pleul/dpa/archive picture A panorama of four individual pictures shows the building site of the Tesla autofabrik east of Berlin.

Tesla built three chemical tanks in Grunheide without permission. On Friday, authorities now moved to examine the entire construction site.

After the construction of three tanks without permission, controllers have taken a closer look. In addition to the fine procedure, the State Office for the Environment carries out an extensive review of the entire construction site, said the spokesman for the Environment Ministry, Sebastian Arnold, on Friday. "This means that the surveillance authority wants to ensure that Tesla has not approved by three unauthorized tanks that further unauthorized activities have not been carried out on the site."

Fine procedure against Tesla: Chemical tanks were not approved

There were also occupational safety employees and the Oder-Spree district employees. The Brandenburg State Environment Agency had found after a suspicion of the Green League and the Nature Conservation Association that Tesla had built several tanks for different liquids, although there was no approval. The environmentalists assumed a refrigerant tank for the chemical tetrafluorpropen. The environmental office is now preparing a fine procedure. Tesla has not yet commented on this.

The company had temporarily laid underground pipes without permission at the construction site. According to information from Tesla Group circles, the carmaker assumed that this was already permitted. Tesla had also started testing piles without permission.

Tesla actually wanted to make Model Y here – now it comes from China

The construction site of the first Tesla electric car in Europe is well advanced, although the decision of the State of Brandenburg is still missing from the final environmental permit. However, Tesla builds through individual premature approvals. The company actually wanted to start production in Grunheide in July this year. Because the application for the car factory has been expanded to include a battery factory, this is delayed: Tesla is now planning to start the production for the end of 2021.

In a few weeks, Tesla starts with the delivery of his mini-SUV Model Y in Europe. The first vehicles are to be handed over in Germany in August, as the electric car manufacturer announced on Friday. However, they come from Shanghai. Tesla originally wanted to start the production of Model Y in Grunheide in Berlin in July. The start of the deliveries of Model Y in Europe was announced for the third quarter.

The mini SUV is a slightly larger version of Tesla’s first mass market car model 3. In the second quarter, the company delivered a good 199,000 vehicles of models 3 and y, the larger and more expensive Model S and Model X came up with almost 2,000 deliveries.

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  1. Why didn’t they build in Poland right away?
    If BRB goes on like this, nothing will be done with the Tesla factory. TSLA would have with Poznan anyway … are supposed to. They’d be done there, and most of the workers come from Poland anyway.

  2. There was even one "regular"…
    Approval procedure for this "Grunheide project", in which a Mr. Musk also includes detailed blueprints and one "resilient resource requirements", U.A. For water and electrical energy, everything had to or was only "on the call" and "Makes it before…" regulated ?? Musk would have one "Prefered old industrial wasteland" can give before one "Impact murder building" placed in a drinking water protection area like Grunheide. Here a state parliamentary committee of inquiry should deal with the whole process and no case "Total construction stop" impose… In any case, it cannot be concerned that the "good elon" here "according to the kind of landlord", Without any consideration, how he "is just funny". It is time, too "to show its limits"…

  3. there
    probably built the German construction company Aricon Mist. As a local company, they knew exactly what permits are used. But something like that costs and think they prefer to save it and hope that nothing will be noticed. The greed is omnipresent.Since Tesla puts the wrong horse, but the construction company is responsible. Tesla Bashing is the order of the day and popular.


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