Tesla confirmed, completion of the cybertruck is delayed until 2022

Tesla confirmed, completion of the cybertruck is delayed until 2022-tesla

After seemingly long, Tesla has decided to officially proclaim that the production of electric pick Up Cybertruck until 2022 delayed. After there has already been hints before, which have a possible delay of production have suggested.

The revelation of the Tesla Cybertruck has caused a stir. Languagelessness made partly due to the say very unusual design wide. A design, which also uses to please. Originally it was planned that this comes to the street until the end of 2021. Over the last year, when the schedule moved closer, there were signs that the cybertruck could delay. First of all, Tesla recently completed the construction of the electric pickup.

CEO Elon Musk also warned that Tesla will face some challenges in the production of cybertruck due to features such as the steel’s exoskeleton’s body, which requires completely new manufacturing processes. Despite these concerns and the closer starting timetable “end 2021”, Tesla was reluctant to confirm that the production of cybertrucks delayed. When publishing the financial results for the second quarter of 2021 last month, Tesla held at the same schedule and merely assumed that Cybertruck production in Gigafactory Texas would begin after Model Y. This would not make a production start in 2021 not impossible, but extremely challenging.

On the order page of the CyberTruck, Tesla has updated footnotes to confirm that the configurator will be available when “the production moves closer in 2022”. The note is the same for all three variants of cybertruck, although Tesla had previously said that the two higher value variants, dual engine and tri engine, will come first. Tesla has no further reference to a schedule for the cybertruck on its website.

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5 thoughts on “Tesla confirmed, completion of the cybertruck is delayed until 2022”

  1. I think there is waiting for the new cells ..
    If nothing brings with the old ones to deliver to the new cells during the sales phase then at some point.

    Nevertheless, EM remains loyal to his line,

    … first announce and then look …

    I’m still looking forward to the pickup

    It remains exciting

  2. For several years, Tesla has been building 4 models in the parent plant.
    Soon Tesla will have 4 works.
    Does not make sense to make more than 6 models?
    In Germany you would need a combination donation from Model 3 for professional specialists.
    Furthermore, a cost-effective vehicle is missing in the upper middle class and a vehicle in the upper class.

  3. The really original announcements were not for the end of 2021, that was only the announcement until yesterday. E.M. Language from 2016 permanently from an e-truck, which should be available soon. At the end of 2019, when you saw the cybertruck for the first time (with the battered windows), he should be ready in a few months. By the way, he should then cost 39,000 USD, so a real bargain.

  4. The cybertruck is the “street pane of the future” – now only the holder is missing for the machine gun, then it would be ready for use for the “road fight of the future” – what gloomy views.

    It is now really required disarmament in road traffic if we want a humane future.


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