Tesla Cybertruck: Production start only from April 2023

Tesla Cybertruck: Production start only from April 2023-production

Tesla wants rumors to move the production of cybertruck on April 2023. Reason should be required changes in design and technology. This has expressed a person familiar with the project against Reuters. Specifically, it is already the second change of the schedule for the start of production of the Tesla Cybertruck, which is now probably in the end Q1 / 2023.

The revelation of the Tesla Cybertruck has caused a stir. Languagelessness made partly due to the say very unusual design wide. A design, which also uses to please. Originally it was planned that this comes to the street until the end of 2021. Over the last year, when the schedule moved closer, there were signs that the cybertruck could delay. In August, a first postponement of the launch of production was known at the end of 2022, now Tesla seems to need more time.

In addition to Reuters, the insider was to understand that the new delay is concluded that Tesla wants to change properties and functions of the cybertruck again so that the vehicle can convince in the hardener competition for e-pickups. Some time ago, Tesla-CEO Elon Musk also warned that Tesla will be ahead of some challenges in the production of cybertruck due to features such as the steel’s exoskeleton’s body, which requires completely new manufacturing processes,. These should also deposit their part on the delay.

Like Reuters, in the first quarter of 2023, a small number of quantities should already be produced, so that in the second quarter in the actual series production could be entered. Tesla boss Elon Musk has already announced an updated product roadmap. The should be on the Tesla result conference on 26. January. Due to the market power of Tesla, one is still allowed to assume that the cybertruck becomes success and to catch on market companions such as Rivian or Ford.

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7 thoughts on “Tesla Cybertruck: Production start only from April 2023”

  1. I do not care if he comes – I’m rather curious what he can then and, above all, when Tesla scales how fast scaled &# 128521;

    In addition, I do not give anything to “insider” information – I prefer to wait for the timeline, the Tesla will be updated in 2 weeks at the earningscloth &# 128578;

  2. There are for the energy turnaround

    • Very important stuff, Z.B. the expansion of green electricity production;
    • Important stuff, Z.B. Isolation of houses and replacement of fossil heaters;
    • Useful stuff, Z.B. the promotion of e-mobility;
    • unimportant stuff, z.B. Battery storage in home homes, and
    • Totally unimportant stuff, such as.B. This Tesla Cybertruck.

    It’s a pity around every battery installed in such a stupid vehicle. If so, because the ever-shifted Tesla Semi Truck for the promotion of the energy transition would still make reasonably useful.
    Since we are all glad that the cybertruck has always been constant in Ca for many years. 1.5 years comes. That can stay that way.

  3. Tesla builds much good – very much. But below it is also an exit. The Cybertruck has a very small chance against the F150, the Rivian or the Silverado.

  4. If Tesla once starting to build conventional cars, I would really care about this company and share the share capital.
    Only annoying Tuts never want to buy this pick-up because he would be much too big with over 4.80 length for Berlin, a short city variant will probably not come.
    The car is a typical musk, nothing to be left at the old one.
    In the planned equipment itself is a F150 pale before envy, in the driving characteristics, sheikhs will never want to sell oil again and the solar equipment will bring even Sono Motors to ponder.
    The planned features alone are nothing against boring gap weight comparisons or sales hit lists.
    The cart exudes so much Musk Have, which can only be a crazy success.


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