Tesla delivery record: 139.300 e-cars delivered in Q3-2020

Tesla delivery record: 139.300 e-cars delivered in Q3-2020-q3-2020

Michael wrote about a week ago: “Despite Corona, Tesla seems to be on the verge of a new record for deliveries in the third quarter of 2020.“This has now come true. Because car manufacturer Tesla has published the delivery and production results for the third quarter – and thus confirmed that the company has delivered a record number of electric cars.

The two words Tesla and end of quarter in one sentence have repeatedly caused an uproar in the electric car scene in recent years. Especially since the industry leader from the USA has been rushing from record to record. It was therefore not surprising that Direction 3. At the end of the quarter 2020 rumours, assumptions, etc… arose as to whether Tesla could set a new record. Just a few weeks ago, the Wall Street consensus among Tesla analysts was just over 120.000 deliveries, but expectations rose to about 140 in the last week of the quarter.000 deliveries to.

Tesla now made it clear that over 145.000 vehicles produced, 139 were delivered.300 electric cars. The analysts were therefore not that wrong with their estimates. In his view, Tesla still only divides deliveries between Model S/X and Model 3/Y. This shows the following with regard to the production figures in the 3rd. Quarter 2020:

  • Model S/X – 16.992 units
  • Model 3/Y-128.044 units

With regard to deliveries, the following picture emerges:

  • Model S/X – 15.200 units
  • Model 3/Y-124.100 units

The total number of deliveries is a massive jump from quarter to quarter compared to the 90.000 vehicles Tesla delivered last quarter. In addition, Tesla can thus set a new all-time delivery record – it surpasses the number recorded in the 4th quarter. 112 were delivered in the quarter of 2019.000 electric vehicles. Production is also higher than last quarter’s 82.000 vehicles, although the closure of the Fremont factory still affected production capacity. Tesla now seems to have fully restored, even expanded, its pre-pandemic production capacity. When it releases quarterly shipments and production numbers, Tesla doesn’t break down production by plant, but the information should be released later this month.

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12 thoughts on “Tesla delivery record: 139.300 e-cars delivered in Q3-2020”

  1. That’s good news for a change. Congratulations Tesla. You slowly but steadily rock old Otto off the streets. And you also prevent the hybrid nonsense with it. Even Toyota has recognized that hybrid is a dead end. Hopefully our Mr. Altmeier will finally listen to our experts and accelerate the dormant expansion of renewable energies so that the electricity for the Teslas’ will soon be 100% Co2 free. If he continues to slow down like this, it will be reflected in the federal elections.

  2. The fact that Toyota and Honda are slowly introducing pure E s does not mean that they see the hybrid as a dead end. That’s how they make money. They don’t just sell in Germany. They are the market leaders in the Far East and even sell more in Europe than Germany does there.

  3. The Chinese are planning and building 62 coal-fired power plants. For the stupid European battery car fanatic .As a thank you, the world gets CO2 as a gift from the Chinese.

  4. Oh Herrmann, stop with the sh… How much environmental damage do you think is caused by combustion engines? Do you think incinerators are tree grown in China?? I can’t believe there are still stubborn narrow minded diehards like you out there. Your reasoning has been refuted thousands of times and for years. Which doesn’t stop people like you from spouting the same crap over and over again. You have to be really whipped into making progress, otherwise you’ll never get it.

  5. One can only congratulate the Tesla employees and its CEO for their perseverance despite all resistance (just think of Daimler and its statement on electric cars and the sale of its Tesla shares). Although this will not prevent accidents or full roads in the medium term, the combustion technology in all vehicles must be reconsidered.
    But those who are committed to protecting the environment and calling for a quick and complete turnaround in vehicles should also remember smoldering coal fires in India and China, thousands of military vehicles, plastic packaging, new vehicle bonuses, etc. think. The car will not pull it alone!

  6. A+ for replying to Maximilian Hermann. Unfortunately, there are plenty of them, when Corona is no longer an issue due to vaccinations, people fly diligently again and cruises pick up speed again and pollute the air. You can’t be angry with these die-hards, they’re the ones who shine through their stupidity and have no brains because they didn’t pay attention in school.
    Pointing fingers at others is of course the most common argument and also shows a lack of intelligence.
    The E-Technician (Elektrolurch)

  7. I’m not enthusiastic about the intolerant e-car bashers with their always the same stupid arguments, but up
    I don’t stand up to threats of violence at all.

  8. Things are slowly getting going.
    E.M.s push to bring high-quality e-cars onto the market to compete with combustion engines has triggered an earthquake
    which has definitely heralded the coming end of the more than 100-year dominance of combustion engines in just a few years.
    With the progress and skyrocketing sales figures as well as the hectic ones that have already taken place
    Efforts of all vehicle manufacturers not to miss the trend here, there is no doubt about the coming paradigm shift.
    The Gebashe from both sides will be at the latest when the replacement of the Verbenner who has provided us with wonderful service for a long time
    has been done with all due respect no longer makes sense and falls silent.
    Whether Tesla can maintain its market leadership remains to be seen.
    The cards have been reshuffled.There will be new champions and some of yesterday’s will lose importance or even completely
    With the ability of the Chinese to learn incredibly quickly and to implement what they have learned immediately, as well as theirs
    ultra-modern, cost-effective production infrastructure, they will certainly play at the forefront here in the future.

  9. I’m both a supporter of e-mobility and one of continuing scientific and technical improvements.
    I’m not at all into eco-Nazis who are constantly becoming insulting and threatening violence.

  10. I wouldn’t speak of a trend towards electric cars. There are EU rules and incentives. These two facts are heating up e-car sales. The aim is to avoid fines for the car companies. They are simply forced into it by politics. Many of the people who buy e-cars want to do something for the environment, others want the acceleration of an otherwise much more expensive sports car, some always want the latest, others want to be on the safe side to still be able to get into the inner cities, still others have financial and tax benefits. Now is the best time for that. In terms of the environment, this is of little or no use to current electricity generation, with the exception of Norway and Austria. In countries where CO2 is saved, this is replaced by nuclear waste. In the others, the emissions are only shifting away from the cars towards the power plants. We need more electricity from wind, solar, wave and hydro power. Only then does it make sense. Until then, it’s just an insane employment program with negative environmental consequences. The cycle with the batteries is not yet closed technologically in terms of recycling. There are already bottlenecks in the supply of lithium and nickel. The be-all and end-all is clean electricity, which means that different ways of clean mobility are possible. And the cheapest will prevail, which does not necessarily have to be the one with the highest efficiency. What is happening now is politically caused activism. I would wish for that when switching over to power generation. Everyone would have won, those with e-cars as well as those without e-cars.

  11. To Alex: So with the comparison to Nazis, you are putting yourself on the sidelines, Dieter Lettner’s “properly whipping” is certainly wrong. If you mean me, you haven’t read my many comments here that say: I’m not an environmental activist.
    The E-Technician (Elektrolurch)


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