Tesla: Despite 14 hours of mega congestion in the snowstorm, the battery of the Model 3 holds out

Snowstorm lame traffic

Despite 14 hours of mega in the cold: Tesla battery stops

Tesla: Despite 14 hours of mega congestion in the snowstorm, the battery of the Model 3 holds out-mega
Imago Images/Mis A Tesla Model 3 invites you to a quick charging station in the snow.

Snowstorm, 77 kilometers of traffic jam, 14 hours in the electric car. A Tesla driver survived what else sounds like a nightmare. He then defended himself against the claims that such a traffic jam is even worse for electric car drivers. Rather, his car surprised with a long battery term.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information from the United States caused a blizzard in January a mega traffic jam – and a lot of turmoil. Because of the storm, a number of cars stood on the Interstate 95 in the state of Virginia in an approximately 77 km long traffic jam. It took a total of 24 hours for the traffic jam to dissolve.

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The "Washington Post" then published a comment in which it was said that this traffic jam could have assumed much worse dimensions if all cars had been electric cars. Their batteries would not last that long, especially at such low temperatures. A comment that outraged a Teslafahrer. He himself sat for 14 hours with his electric car in said traffic jam.

Tesla driver reports on his experience with his electric car

Dan Kanninen is the driver of a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus and reports in a blog post about his experience with his car in traffic jam. “While other drivers burned petrol and let their engines run to keep up warm, my EV only guided the energy in an intelligent manner for temperature regulation – I did not have to burn fuel inefficient to drive my entire engine."

Kanninen never had to worry about the site of his car. "I knew exactly how much electricity my electric car used, how much energy was still in the battery and how far I could still drive," said the American.

Tesla: Despite 14 hours of mega congestion in the snowstorm, the battery of the Model 3 holds out-congestion

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Electric cars at cold temperatures

The Tesla driver did not want to leave that all electric cars give up faster in colder temperatures faster. An extreme test of the car brand showed that a Tesla in the cold Norway kept a total of 72 hours.

Kanninen’s electric car even had a range of 80 kilometers after the traffic jam. Nevertheless, it is not true that the cold does not make anything of the electric cars at all. According to ADAC and other experts, the range of cars is reduced between ten and 30 percent.

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15 thoughts on “Tesla: Despite 14 hours of mega congestion in the snowstorm, the battery of the Model 3 holds out”

  1. not impressive
    The auxiliary heater of my Volvo needs 1 liter of diesel in 3 hours. With a 70 liter tank … I can only laugh at the sensation for 14 hours. I could have driven 1000 km afterwards.

  2. so
    14 hours in traffic jams should actually hold out every car. So is not a unique selling point. But depends on how full the tank or the battery is. However, if you assume that the tank or the battery is not full, then you can simply tilt 10l with a conventional vehicle and can then drive at least 100km again. You have to drag an electric car to the next charging station. If you have to do this with 10% of all the traffic cars involved, the traffic jam of course takes longer than if you simply fill up with a rolling petrol station, quickly and quickly. Even 20kW in an electric car with a mobile charging station takes forever. Has been lucky with his Tesla. Is that again resource advertising for a product that does not need any advertising?

  3. When everyone writes about e-cars
    Also would have and would know what he says … You have to have the 10l to tip over, so if the car is empty, this is in the same state of the electric car with the empty battery. If one and the other create a petrol station or charging station, the 100 km in the gliding time is "refueled". With my Tesla, on a supercharger, it takes 5-6 minutes, then I just drive on.

  4. @Vieren
    Tell me what you want, I use numbers! Tesla 3 WLTP range 409km, according to the test at 120km/h 220km range. Loss of range with stronger frost 15%, see site report, makes 187km range. Usable, normal loading area 20-80% results in 112km realistic range with stronger frost and max. 120km/h. Then a lot of fun, but yes, the numbers are certainly not right and are just fakes, the calculator lies and test reports are fairy tales. The perfect world of e-drivers is of course the only truth that is applicable. Other people, on the other hand, say that here someone is doing the world as they would like to have them!

  5. Wow!!!
    The factual arguments go out to the Lord Sochgen, so the polemical "Stinker" serve! Well, another example that shows, some contemporaries can discuss everything, just not reasonably and objectively. Ridiculousness that is difficult to beat!

  6. Who really wants to find out
    You can watch the video on YouTube whether an electric car is suitable for winter. Nothing for weak nerves ! Basic rule No. 1, if an electric car in winter in the dark and snow, reports in remote places, please drive the charging stations because the next charging stations continue to be the specified remaining distance from the car, then do this ! Even if the young people just laughed, the fun stops. Anyone who has seen the video knows that many non -knowing here on site write something, but have no idea.

  7. Construction year
    Very interesting article. What year was the car? Whether he will do this in ten years? (M) A fourteen -year -old diesel with certainty. If there is diesel or french fat.

  8. Why is the battery size important ?
    Because you always have to calculate with it that you get stuck in a snowstorm? No, the large battery lasts longer. 1. A criterion for the durability of a battery is the charging cycle. 2. Most batteries should not be fully charged, but they should not be driven completely empty either. I load remaining 100 km to always have enough reserve in an emergency. Then I only load up to 90% full for 400 km. A 6 cylinder with a low speed also lasts longer like a 4 cylinder with high speed. With a small battery, the range goes back by a third in winter when you turn on the heating. With large batteries, the 2 kW heating per hour does not matter to me. These are my 5 years of experience with small and large battery. (12 U 77kW)

  9. No is clear, Mr. Bauer
    So you do not use the last 100 km range and only load up to 90% and then come with the invited booth 400 kilometers. If you calculate the not used 100 kilometers and the last 10% battery capacity, then you would have to be able to drive over 550 km. In the winter? Never! Tell the fairy tale who you want, but don’t have a clue of people about reality.

  10. The usual procedure…
    …from Mr. Sochgen! I am obliged to answer your naive questions? no! Take your own effort and find the corresponding technical facts, the web is full of it. Only they are not constantly annoying the readers with meaningless comments!

  11. Wonder
    there is always 14 hours without heating, radio u.S.W that is really fun. In the case of cold, I let myself be said, you should forget the scrap from the USA.

  12. That site such incredible reports (fake news
    s) do not check before you publish the nonsense. Site makes itself unbelievable with such articles and the increasingly increasing advertising on the page and the below -average revolver blade.

  13. Details?
    A fairly clear statement. You can somehow store this with facts and sources? Or spread my contributions to me "Fake news"S?

  14. entertainment
    This article can probably be found under the heading "Stories from the Paulanergarten". PS: According to the site survey (almost 300.000 respondents) 76% of those surveyed say that the electric car does not belong to the future. Seems as if such "reports" would not have the desired effect. Well, I would say stupid.


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