Tesla does not want to load in the cold: astonished driver asks for help on the net

Download twelve hours with no result

Tesla simply does not want to load in the cold: desperate drivers asks for help online

Tesla does not want to load in the cold: astonished driver asks for help on the net-want
Efahrer / Moritz Diethelm Tesla does not load in the cold: Desperate electric car drivers are plucking for help on the net

Winter always presents drivers with challenges. So also in the case of a Tesla driver who could no longer load his car. At some point he turned to the Reddit community with his grief.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. You get a Tesla for more information if it is bitterly cold? The Reddit user Upbeat-Persimmon-504 is almost desperate to this question. After trying everything in his power, but did not want to load his model S, he finally turned to the Teslalounge on Reddit.The post of the post said that he was in Chicago, where the temperatures in the previous night to minus twenty degrees Fahrenheit (approx. minus 29 degrees Celsius). A long pendulum route to work and the undeveloped attempt at a SuperCharger station led to his model s now with zero percent battery in his heated garage.

However, the Stromer still does not do it. "If it is so cold, you should perhaps allow him to spend a few old towels or sheets in the house, just one time", jokes the Reddit user Kritechinc. The author of the post proves humor and replies with the question of whether he should cuddle with his Tesla to motivate him to store it.

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Tesla does not want to load in the cold: astonished driver asks for help on the net-want
Upbeat-Persimmon-504/Reddit Tesla does not load in the cold: Desperate electric car drivers are plucking for help on the net

Even the cargo on the supercharger doesn’t help

Despite everything, user Ghostandkater is positive and suspected that the Tesla owner only had to wait long enough, then his Model S would start loading. After all, it would take a while for the battery to be warmed up if it was previously at zero degrees Celsius.The person seeking help counters that he had already connected the Tesla for twelve hours, then drove to the supercharger. After that did not work either, he finally had to call the tow truck to transport his Stromer back home because the battery was now completely empty.

Tesla does not want to load in the cold: astonished driver asks for help on the net-cold

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In the end there is still a success: Upbeat-Persimmon-504 informs the community that his loading efforts would have shown at least a little success: he is with the current battery status "and a little push" After all, able to drive to the next petrol station. After all: the Tesla invites you again.

User advises the Tesla driver to contact customer service

Nevertheless, many of the Reddit users strongly advise him to contact Tesla’s customer service and have his model checked through. The screenshot of his loading step shared by the Tesla owner suggests many of the comments that something is wrong with the default settings: the snapshot indicates that the car has only an amperpress loader. According to the user Sybergoosejr, the minimum should be at least five amps. It remains unclear whether the owner of the Model S has already used an appointment with the Tesla customer service. This article was written by Carina DietzeYou might also be interested in:"Approach" – Up to 185 percent more expensive: Electricity rip-off calls for price guards on the plands of electricity prices explode. It is particularly popular for customers of cheap providers. Because they can no longer deliver. As new customers, people then pay high prices among large suppliers. The monopoly commission speaks of a possible price height abuse.Surprise savings tip-no new refrigerator for Hartz IV recipient! JobCenter: Food outside Store Job Center in the Ruhr area gives a Hartz IV recipient a rather strange tip: the applicant wants to replace her defective refrigerator and therefore asks for money. But the office rejects: "Because of the weather conditions" Food can also be stored outside.

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Tesla does not want to load in the cold: astonished driver asks for help on the net-astonished

Site/Wochit Turn in 26 trains: With this maneuver your heart stops

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16 thoughts on “Tesla does not want to load in the cold: astonished driver asks for help on the net”

  1. Bizarre !
    I don’t know about this matter, except in earlier times with the lipos in model building. … And from time to time they were a fire -fighting topic….. However, the batteries in the car area are absolute mimoses: nothing is too cold, nothing is too warm, not completely empty, not 100% load,…. And that’s actually called "progress" ? This product is soooo progressive that even massive support with subsidies ! Well then I prefer to wait for the next generation of batteries that have a real one "Progress represents if the next 20 years should be the case…..

  2. 0% at -29 degrees
    This looks total damage after a battery, because it breaks in such conditions. Even if or rather degrees because it should be down now, I would neither put the part in a garage nor drive it with it. Dendrites, small crystals in which battery formed and later lead to a short circuit and fireworks (Google: PV magazine dendrite growth). So the car is likely to be scrap, perhaps even dangerous goods, because the exchange exceeds the current value. I prefer to stay with my diesel… 🙂

  3. Would be really interesting to know what from that
    Has become a car / battery. I wouldn’t trust the battery anymore. I would be interested in whether it still saves, still has battery -like properties. When loading, if it should be possible, it will warm up and expand. Then he will cool down again, the expansion is declining.Lucky when nothing happens.The electrodes are micrometers

  4. You want electric?
    Then dear politicians give the people such cars because it is otherwise not about achieving your goals. It is insane such cars or the owners to subsidize. Tesla, narcient share in Germany 0.07%, which we actually talk about ?

  5. Well, physics…
    … It is actually known that batteries, especially Li-ion batteries, have a high sensitivity to low temperatures. It is due to the chemistry used, in which temperature effects occur. At temperatures below 10ºC, this generally means that the loading time is extended, the performance reduces and the available energy decreases. But a small update from the world improver and Redeemer Elon Musk will solve this small and insignificant problem. A little tip, parking heater for the battery…

  6. How much can this Teslafarer have paid per km
    to have? Everything included, including towing, heating, loading tests, etc. Has he been able to cover a noteworthy route at all or is the battery unusable now? That would be a total economic damage. So when it gets cold, take the Tesla into the living room, keep it warm, only let it on the street / to the charging station at plus 20 ° C. Until then: ride bike.

  7. Tesla simply does not want to load in the cold?
    These are scary fairy tales from the Teslagegner corner again, because a Tesla also loads without any problems in the cold. A Tesla is the most technically advanced pure electric car on the world market and will remain for a long time. Just because a Tesla may have a smaller problem when charging, in which you don’t even know whether the cold is actually the causal problem, a hype and mass of hysterical storm in the water glass is organized without the same. With a small update from the world improver and Redeemer Elon Musk, this irrelevant problem should be done quickly. Tesla is and remains what it is, the future in electromobility and its creator Elon Musk will soon become a thinker and handlebar on this planet, because his empire is close…

  8. @Sochgen The data sheet is binding
    It is not the e-round table. there "you think you know". The manufacturer’s data sheet is exactly what is under what conditions. That is binding. On the other hand, the wishes of battery brand lugers have no liability, usually focus on echo chamber wisdom. No buyer and no competent development engineer sets on such things.

  9. Independently
    I don’t like cars that are technically hopelessly overloaded by the manufacturer and regardless of the type of drive. I prefer to be as simple as possible vehicles. So far I had the least problems with a vehicle whose only electronic components were the radio. Everything else was electrics and mechanics. Tesla is now one of the car manufacturers who think they can control everything through any computer. Such systems are extremely prone to errors due to their complexity. Now there is also the battery technology, which is very sensitive to extremely temperatures. Therefore, you should be very suffering with such vehicles. Can buy who wants. Unfortunately, Tesla is not the only manufacturer that rides on this wave.

  10. Amazing the suffering skills of the
    electrical driver. But every Jeck is different, always said the Cologne. I see the future of ecological hydrogen.

  11. Mr. Lochmann, how should that work?
    The chemical process depends on temperature and concentration. As soon as the temperature drops, the reaction speed drops when concentrated is constant concentration. These batteries only work in a certain temperature window, is in the data sheet. Outside of this area, the behavior is indefinite, with great deviations highly dangerous. The battery will certainly no longer work well.

  12. and ?
    How did the story go out now ? That was not really clarified, or ? It was just too cold ? It stood in the garage…… Well no matter. I like to read such stories, are a real recommendation for something like that. Why do you need subsidies with such vehicles again ?

  13. and? second
    Well, I also lack the solution. I have no idea what to do with this article, he is not a help in the event of cases.

  14. Predicate unusable
    How much energy is needed to bring the battery to temperature so that it finally loads? How much energy does the battery heating need so that the vehicle can be driven? Which route is then possible at all? Something else is efficient. I was already near Chicago in winter. Is bitterly cold. But I always got the car without any problems. (Dodge Caravan 3.3l)

  15. Buy a real car!
    Buy a real car and not the hyped electrofake from the fair screer. Something like that should happen more often.

  16. @Marcus four
    … You are absolutely right, it would be really stupid if everyone drove the same car. That would give a pretty long waiting list. However, it would be very good in terms of environmental and air conditioning, even if the car one "Oil car" would be, because the CO₂ emissions would then no longer be an issue.


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