Tesla driver warn of “creepy” phenomenon: assistant suddenly slow down – security

Tesla’s systems do not run properly. Among other things, the US company is characterized by autonomous driving. Now Tesla drivers report again from "creepy" Phenomena around their self -driving cars.

Tesla recently had to start several recalls because the systems of the cars caused different problems. Now Tesla customers report again from "creepy phenomena" Around their self -driving cars. An assistance system of the autonomous vehicles brakes simply without an existing danger.

Tesla drivers report sudden braking maneuvers

According to the "Washington Post" If the phantom brakes have been a major problem from the USA in the past. Due to the hypersensitive sensors, the US federal authority "National Highway Traffic Safety Administration" over 100 complaints in the past few months.

It was "gruesome" reports a Tesla driver whose car had slowed down to almost zero at 50 miles per hour. According to the "Washington Post" has been an oncoming truck on the opposite lane.

Other manufacturers are also affected

In fact, Teslas cuts "Autopilot" Not particularly good in many comparison tests, that "Super cruise"-Cadillac system, for example, is considered better among many experts. But phantom brakes are also known from other automated driving systems, for example at Mercedes or BMW. Whether the many reports of Tesla drivers are now stirring that the system works much worse in practice than others, or that more Tesla drivers simply use this technology in everyday life as drivers of other brands and then also reports it about it be severely assess.

The five levels of autonomous driving

The terms autonomous and automated driving are often synonymous, there are important differences. These are the five levels of autonomous driving:

  • Level 0: The driver controls the car completely.
  • Level 1: There are assistance systems such as distance control or lane change warning, which only support the driver. This technology is widespread today down to the small car area.
  • Level 2: This is the level at which modern vehicles of the upper middle class and upper class are already located. Sub -automated systems can take over certain functions, such as track guidance or partial automatic parking. Models such as the current Mercedes E-Class, Teslas Model S and Model X or the BMW 5 Series are already dominating the level 2. At Tesla, even more functions were temporarily unlocked, but they were put back after a few incidents.
  • Level 3: This is the (high) automated driving, in which the driver must be able to intervene at any time, but may also turn to other things if the system is activated. With a warning time, the driver can be asked to take the lead again. Level 3 is developed as standard, for example in the Audi A8 .
  • Level 4: At the fully automated driving the driver can even intervene if the system fails, but as a rule the car should take over everything. This level is currently being tested in practice by various car manufacturers and suppliers as well as tech groups.
  • Level 5: At the actual autonomous driving is no longer required. You no longer need a steering wheel or other controls. The occupants become pure passengers.

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Tesla driver warn of "creepy" phenomenon: assistant suddenly slow down - security-creepy

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Tesla driver warn of "creepy" phenomenon: assistant suddenly slow down - security-creepy

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16 thoughts on “Tesla driver warn of “creepy” phenomenon: assistant suddenly slow down – security”

  1. Never
    Autonomous driving will never work 100%. What on closed test tracks under … Ideal conditions are definitely working well, is not possible in a real environment. Be it bird coating on a sensor, or agitated dirt, unnoticed sensors, and all the other dirt that can otherwise stick to the car, the flawless function bothers. Also such a system can never be all driving situations "to understand" So get it programmed, the private transport is far too complex for that. Despite the autopilot, one should be attentive in order to be able to intervene in an emergency. Sure, you do it to yourself …and then suddenly should be wide awake and intervene, yes, it is clear. I’m against autonomous driving. It goes on the rail, but never on the street

  2. Assistants 10 times better than humans
    Perhaps it is also because the driver with the autopilot switched on and if necessary intervene. The autopilot must be activated and not switched off, as always claimed by the non -knowing. Even with the autopilot switched off, an alarm warns me if someone brakes in front of me and I don’t react immediately. Even when overtaking on the highway, the car warns me when a car is in the dead corner. 10 times less accidents in km pass with the autopilot switched on. Which is why Tesla now also offers insurance. Even if the system is not error -free, better than man with hat, or woman with a headscarf it is all time.

  3. With the autopilot switched on, others pass,
    but no less accidents. It is constantly reported by accidents, especially with Teslas. In connection with the autopilot. Sudden braking, rising in oncoming traffic, overlooking trucks, etc. etc. Wanting to talk beautifully just looks cynical.

  4. who buys
    This optically simple and overpriced Teslas actually? These vehicles look like cheap Koreans, but they cost as much as premium vehicles. Is that a brand hype?At Apple I can still understand it a bit, but at Tesla I find it embarrassing.

  5. Then they say something, Mr. StOcker
    An exciting term is inexpensive, because that is exactly a Tesla for me, worth its price. The operation is grotty to dangerous, the quality of the material and processing is not acceptable and the service (needs every car) is a bad joke. In this respect, cars of German manufacturers are worth their price rather than a Tesla. But to each his own.

  6. Yes…
    …However, I can only confirm so -called phantom brakes in one situation: you overtake a truck in a narrow left curve on the highway if you drive with a speed machine. The outdated truck accuses an obstacle in this situation and the system brakes softly. If you know that, you should have the foot on the accelerator pedal to if necessary. to be able to intervene.

  7. The actual problem
    Is not Tesla in itself. But the fact that Tesla as an example shows the other manufacturers that you can still sell cars with less quality and poorly thought -out constructions. If the school makes you save, other manufacturers are even more common in false places. What worsens the quality of the vehicles as a whole. In this respect, every Tesla is proof that it is enough to offer half -cooked manure and people accept it. One reason why a Tesla comes from me under no circumstances. This kicks all the values for which I enter with feet and I am not ready to give up my principles for this half -baked nonsense. My tip, drive with a well -kept Mercedes W124, preferably as a convertible, then you are healed by "cars" like Tesla.

  8. No, the comparison is not at all, Mr. Mueller
    I am concerned with the driving pleasure and how full and nice everything feels. Every Tesla is light years from a well -groomed W124. I am not concerned with cruise control and the like… but about the driving experience as such, I mean with me "healed" will. A Tesla is not a car, but overpriced mainstream scrap.

  9. That can happen from time to time
    In the United States, around 60 are currently being tested.000 drivers the new FSD system as a beta version and have already driven tens of millions of kilometers with it, so you can happen something.

  10. That’s great
    With 120 full braking by brake assitance on the right motorway track, the rest then does the 40 tonner and folds the E Renner together on stamp format. Regardless of whether Tesla, Audi, VW and Co, autonomous driving and other technical chickens, no one needs. Makes everything more expensive and is prone to errors.

  11. Not only that……
    According to the EU’s will, such systems should be installed in future cars. Imagine right now, on the highway with rapid flowing traffic, a few activists suddenly let a banner down with a speed sign. The result, the traffic comes to a standstill immediately.

  12. There are also any other manufacturer
    But Tesla Bashing is the hit …the VDA pays for it or how do these nonsensical reports come about? I had VW and Opel as a company car, which had exactly the same phantom brakes ….So what should the report say????

  13. @Muller Substantiate means: what, when and where to
    Name and not simply to throw a new claim into the room. I’m also sure that not all assistants from others are flawless. Only with Tesla it is extremely failing, it happens again and again. After 180m against the tree, also battery beach. Truck is confused with heaven, crash. Again and again and again. Only a few of these events are reported, why not?

  14. Tesla
    China and Tesla have the same quality standard, i.e. catastrophe. If you fill cavities with a building foam and rust together after 5 years, this has nothing to do with sustainability. For such cars with poor quality, Tesla would have to pay the funding to the state back. This is fraud on the customer and the state

  15. Phantom braking …. What else is coming?
    Something like this can trigger very dangerous situations, especially for other road users who do not count on it. The KBA finally steps in? Such vehicles are not allowed on public road traffic. A truck on the oncoming lane triggered a full braking. Imagine this on the highway, especially in the construction site area with narrowed lanes. Then there is not even an alternative option! This braking for no reason can be seen as a risk. Who pays the punishment, who is liable in the event of an accident? Tesla probably not, or? It is important to prevent such situations by law. Assistant is demonstrably dangerous, deactivation or banish the vehicle from the street.Otherwise there will be innocent victims very soon

  16. @Reynolds if someone for no recognizable reason
    Suddenly brakes, this is to be seen as a road hazard risk. Even if it affects a Tesla. This is highly dangerous, especially on motorways in the construction site area. The operating license should be withdrawn immediately these vehicles. Are a danger to life and life! Drivers who slow down others are punished very hard. That with good reason.


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