Tesla electricity tariff for Germany introduced

Tesla electricity tariff for Germany introduced-germany

In Germany, there is a Tesla electricity tariff, which is brought to the start of the eco-electricity provider Octopus Energy. The Tesla of electricity tariff focuses on those consumers who have a Tesla Powerwall and a solar system. Because Octopus Energy has brought a tariff specially tailored to this scenario, which allows users to benefit from it.

Andrew Mack, Managing Director of Octopus Energy Germany, says as follows why one opted for its own Tesla electricity tariff: “Germany is ahead of the energy turnaround, but still has the highest electricity prices in Europe. Often, consumers are still hesitation to use e-cars and other clean technologies such as smart meters or wallboxes. The new Tesla electricity tariff Powered by Octopus Energy enables German Powerwall owners smooth and even more favorable access to green electricity, and the 24 hours a day.”

From the company’s communication, it will be apparent that customers who decide for the tariff must pay only the direct energy and network costs and the low Octopus share of 3 euros per month. But then contribute to climate protection by the 100 percent eco flow rate. Compared to the cheapest Octopus Energy Tariff (Octopusfixed), customers can look forward to the Tesla electricity tariff over additional savings from about 90 euros per year.

Especially at a time in which energy prices are steadily increasing, the company protects its customers through a price guarantee of two years and the contract of the monthly cancellable. Everyone can obtain the Tesla electricity tariff, which already has a solar system at the registered address and a Tesla PowerWall. The Tesla PowerWall stores the locally generated, excess solar power and returns it when it is needed, Z.B. Even with a power failure or at night. If the sun does not seem, or to boundary times, Octopus Energy, as always, delivers 100 percent green electricity from the network. The Tesla electricity tariff can be used with and without e-car. Only one solar system and a Tesla Powerwall is needed.

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5 thoughts on “Tesla electricity tariff for Germany introduced”

  1. Since I miss the data here, I have wicked myself. With us the tariff yields € 9.15 basic fee and 27.98ct / kWh working price. Not intoxicating compared to our current electricity tariff (but I do not know how the price will look like next year). If the provider according to today’s level, the 27.98ct / kWh really wants to guarantee two years, that must probably also be subsidized by Tesla. There are already various providers who can no longer hold their price guarantees because the electricity price has gone through the ceiling.

  2. Clear – Tesla is “just a car manufacturer”
    There will be some people but still a whole “electric annular tree”
    Time wants Tell &# 128521;

  3. Tesla continues and beyond the car. That’s good. The networking is indispensable for success. Who makes the homework, had always better opportunities. Who builds only cars is in the future before big problems in a highly dynamic and bidirectional electrical age. I draw my hat before each company that is so farsight.


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