Tesla exceeds expectations and returns in Q4-2021 308.600 E cars off

Tesla exceeds expectations and returns in Q4-2021 308.600 E cars off-exceeds

The current delivery and production figures from Tesla for the 4. Quarter 2021 were published. These show that the American automobile manufacturer, despite stopped efforts on delivery of own vehicles, has more than surpassed the expectations of the market. 308.600 TESLA MODEL Y, Model 3, Model S and Model X model could deliver the company in the last quarter 2021.

In addition, Tesla once again set up a new extradition record and the previous highest mark of 241.300 deliveries from the third quarter 2021 significantly exceeded. For Q4 2021 Tesla gives the Model 3 / Y deliveries with 296.850 units. The combined Model S and Model X deliveries only reached 11.750. The production of all Tesla vehicles together is in the fourth quarter 2021 at 305.840. The breakdown shows that the model 3 / y 292.731 made the total production figures, while the model S / X at 13.109 lay.

Looking at the full year 2021 shows that Tesla 936.172 vehicles deliver and 930.422 E-vehicles could produce. Compared to the whole year 2020, this corresponds to a whopping 87 percent – Tesla had issued 2021 modest 50 percent growth per year at the beginning of the year 2021 over a longer period of time.

Tesla itself arranges it as follows: “In the fourth quarter we have a production of more than 305.000 vehicles and deliveries of over 308.000 vehicles reached. In 2021 we have over 936.000 vehicles delivered.”To financial key figures, there is as usual, no resilient statement. But this also understands saying Tesla: “Our delivery numbers should be considered easy to conservative, as we only count a car as shipped when it was handed over to the customer and all papers are correct. The final numbers can deviate by up to 0.5% or more.”Say, the sales figures could still be slightly better than shared.

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4 thoughts on “Tesla exceeds expectations and returns in Q4-2021 308.600 E cars off”

  1. Thanks to those who believe in the rescue of the world through more electrical means of transportation and deliberately on smoke, noise and contamination the environment do without oil.
    Of course, manufacturers who make only purely electric vehicles make it clear because they do not have to constantly justify why they still want to produce the next decades of environmental polluters, which is no longer comprehensible in view of the everyday use of BEVs.
    Therefore congratulations to the Tesla team, which have provided for a lot of change, and will ensure in the future with many new models and new ideas. For a better world, for clean air and less noise pollution in cities.
    2022 Should the year of the automotive turning, burners no one needs more.
    Every new burner charges the environment unnecessarily to many years, including the combustion coils of our politicians.

  2. Good, that’s a typical message of the group again. Even in March you wanted to tear the million. Now it’s clear: no. But you also talk about it somehow a win. If you really believe that the closely inspiring people can not operate a search engine?

  3. Therefore, this quarter had been painted the usual supplement of delivery in the last two weeks: because the million was no longer available.


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