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According to current information, the costs for the New Tesla plant in Grunheide in Brandenburg are around five billion euros. According to information from Tagesspiegel, the Federal Ministry of Economics would like to cover over 20 percent of these costs.

Once a month the Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWi) publishes the "Highlights of economic policy". In the latest edition, the magazine deals with battery investments in Germany and puts the costs for the Tesla plant in Grunheide at around five billion euros.

The cost volume would be important because the federal government deals with a billion dollar promotion of the building according to the information of the Tagesspiegel. Accordingly, Tesla will receive 1.135 billion euros from the second European battery cell program (IPCEI) of the Federal Ministry of Economics in Grunheide in Grunheide in Grunheide in Grunheide. This number has already been coordinated with everyone involved and ready for approval, but an official confirmation is still pending. Compared to the Tagesspiegel, the BMWi said that the process has not yet been completed and that the award of the decision for the fourth quarter was planned.

The rumored funding amount not only means a participation of around 20 percent in the Tesla plant, but also a exploitation of the overall IPCEI program of 2.9 billion euros by over a third. The pot is to be distributed to eleven companies with innovative battery cell projects in the Federal Republic.

The BMWi also classified the colleagues from the Tagesspiegel, as the labor market situation in Grunheide assesses. Because thanks to the battery factory, significantly more jobs are to be created in the Tesla plant than was previously assumed. You think it is realistic that "In the case of product and production success, a number of 2000 or more jobs in the battery area of the work in Grunheide" is possible.

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