Tesla factory in Grunheide: Public participation will be repeated

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A start of production in November is therefore unlikely

Tesla factory in Grunheide: Public participation will be repeated-factory

No other production plant has been reported as much as Tesla’s Gigafactory 4 in Grunheide near Berlin. The new factory has been in the media since Tesla boss Elon Musk personally announced it in November 2019.

Recently, it seemed now foreseeable that final approval for the plant would soon be granted. Elon Musk wanted to build the Model Y there as early as November. But now there is another setback: The Ministry of the Environment of the State of Brandenburg announced yesterday, Thursday, that the public participation had to be repeated because the process did not comply with the regulations so far. This is now reported by Reuters.

The public participation process, during which local residents could express objections to the factory, was carried out online. The authorities apparently fear that it was not announced early enough that the trial would take place over the Internet. In another case, environmental groups apparently complained about this. In order to prevent a possible court judgment, the ministry has now decided to repeat the questioning.

Now the process has to be started again. However, only those who have already expressed objections can participate. The process is scheduled to run from November 2nd to 22nd, the ministry said in a statement. A start of production in November is hardly likely any more.

In its third quarter earnings report on Wednesday, Tesla said that the machine tests at the Grunheide plant are going according to plan and that final approval is expected by the end of the year. The company has not yet commented on the renewed delay. But Elon Musk had already announced his displeasure with the German bureaucracy. Their requirements contradict the urgent need to combat climate change, according to Musk.

Around 500,000 electric cars are to be built annually in Grunheide, initially the Model Y.. Battery cell production with a volume of 50 gigawatt hours is also planned. This would make the plant one of the largest car factories in Germany and at the same time the largest battery factory for e-cars in this country.

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