Tesla factory in Grunheide should receive final approval

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According to a media report, Elon Musk may have a free run as early as November

Tesla factory in Grunheide should receive final approval-approval

So far, Tesla has been building in Grunheide, so to speak, at its own risk: Elon Musk has partial permits for his new car factory near Berlin, but no building permit for the entire plant. But now this overall approval is to be given by the Brandenburg Shop Office for the Environment, as Business Insider now reports.

The online publication learned from "government circles" that the factory would get a final permit. However, Tesla should have strict requirements, especially in terms of water consumption and incidents such as fires or leaking toxic gases.

First of all, however, the numerous objections raised by citizens’ groups and environmental associations against the Gigafactory 4 be processed. With this process going into October, overall approval could be granted in November, the report said. The fact that the factory would finally be approved was allegedly already "discussed" in a small circle several days ago.

At the request of Business Insider, the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment refused to give the result of the decision or a specific date for a possible overall approval. "A decision will be made after the discussion / online consultation. As a result, no statements can be made about the result of the decision, the date and the content."

The Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke recently said in an interview with the German Press Agency (dpa) that a permit for the factory was "conceivable this year".

That Tesla Elon Musk announced in November 2019 that he wants to build a car factory in Grunheide. The approval process began in January 2020, and construction work began in the first quarter of 2020. Since then, Tesla has been working on the plant with partial approvals. Plaintiffs had in the meantime achieved a court-ordered construction freeze, but in the end construction continued.

Originally, the start of production should take place in July 2021. But after Tesla boss Musk had applied for battery cell production in June, the public participation process had to be restarted. Therefore the start of production was postponed. Since then, Musk has assumed that production cannot start until the end of 2021 at the earliest. The new Model Y, which should actually come from Grunheide from summer 2021, has been on the market since August, but the cars come from China.

More about the factory in Grunheide: Tesla factory in Grunheide should receive final approval-grunheide Tesla Model Y will be delivered in Europe from August 2021

Tesla factory in Grunheide should receive final approval-approval Tesla plant in Grunheide: Production definitely off the table from July

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