Tesla: Giga Berlin final approval in prospect

Tesla: Giga Berlin final approval in prospect-approval

Most recently, Tesla makes a convincing year-end spurt. Now follows another positive feedback, which good for 2022. The test method for the approval of the first factory of US electric car manufacturers Tesla in Europe is based on the Brandenburg state government in the final phase.

Head of the Environment Department, Axel Steffen, expressed themselves on Wednesday in the Environment Committee of the Landtag, as follows: “We are intensively involved in the actual final examination of the approval decision. But I can not tell you today when that can be brought to a degree.”How Steffen Executes further decisions for water law should be coordinated.

Production of production in Texas and Germany should help to mitigate problems in the works in Fremont and Shanghai. If the Model Y is produced for the German market from 2022 in Greenheide, you will be able to concentrate on the local market in China. The work in Shanghai is located in the middle of the largest electromobility market in the world, the export rate is very high.

Tesla itself drives the construction project near Berlin over several premature approvals. Meanwhile, according to the Brandenburg Environment Ministry, a 19. Preliminary approval requested to extend tests. Already before Christmas, Tesla have made an application because the function tests of plants to Tesla information “have not yet provided satisfactory results. The authority is now a corresponding opinion with incidents available and is checked. Some questions are still to be edited. For example, whether it goes about dangerous waste or not.

Originally planned was that the factory already absorbs its operation in 2021. However, this has delayed Tesla itself because you have expanded the production site for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y around a battery factory. For this was a new hearing of critics necessary. Environmental associations fear negative consequences for the environment and a lack of drinking water for the region. Tesla had rejected the concerns. According to the Ministry of the Environment, the American car manufacturers presented all missing documents for the approval procedure before Christmas before Christmas. Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) had recruited patience, so that a legally secure approval.

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3 thoughts on “Tesla: Giga Berlin final approval in prospect”

  1. Do you know the movie “and daily greets the marmot” ?
    In Germany you are always short of the goal, but just always before goal.
    My forecast:
    In Austin Texas, the Teslas are rather rolling from the tape than in Berlin Brandenburg, although in Austin 3 months later it has begun with the construction work and the factory in Austin is much bigger.
    Top advertising for the industrial location Germany!
    But what are already 50 million a day “delay” – but lobbyism, however, works in our country excellent from this our “environmental protection associations” can true a song.

  2. In Grunheide, the forest trees were removed ..

    A spruce, for example, needed on a beautiful summer day up to 3 liters of water per square meter. There are 350 to 700 liters on the year.

    (Source: Natural Forest Academy.org)

    … whose water consumes Tesla now.

    Tesla is so far from a water consumption of up to 1.4 million cubic meters per year for the automotive at full capacity utilization of 500,000 vehicles.

    (Source: Berliner-Zeitung.de)

    1.400.000.000 liters (1.400.000 m³) divided by 525 liters per m² CA. 2.666.667 m² (CA. 267 ha) forest.

    The Brandenburg national associations of the Nabu and the green league want to prevent Tesla on his factory plot at Grunheide (Oder-Spree) more 83 hectares forest.


    The Group has already scored 90 hectares forest.

    (Source: RBB24.de)

    Teslas Waldrodung is 90 ha + 83 ha = 173 ha.
    267 ha – 173 ha = 94 ha, which would still have to be made to balance Teslas water consecutive.

    The elimination of the CO2 reduction by the precipitated forest trees aligns Tesla with its E-cars, which eject less CO2, so that under the bottom line should give an advantage for the environment.

    The environmental associations are welcome with your experts check the water and CO2 balance before and after the construction of the Tesla plant in green healing. I am very curious what this balance is then.


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