Tesla in the best way 600.To produce 000 e-cars per year in China

Tesla in the best way 600.To produce 000 e-cars per year in China-tesla

In the last three months, Tesla in China has an impressive production of more than 50.000 electric cars per month maintain, which shows that the Gigafactory Shanghai potentially an annual capacity of 600.000 Electric cars could reach. Alone in November, according to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), 52.859 new streams driven by the band. This became 21.127 exported, the rest of 31.732 E cars, was sold in China.

If one draws the comparison for the previous month (54.391 vehicles), shows that the production numbers are slightly decreasing. In direct comparison at the same period of the previous year, Tesla still brings an increase of 348% in the number of manufactured vehicles. It does not seem to be an exception, like three consecutive months with production numbers of over 50.To show 000 E vehicles fortune.

For Tesla, Giga Shanghai plays a crucial role in bringing e-mobility into the mass. Supported by the Giga Shanghai, Tesla was possible an annual production capacity of 500.000 electric vehicles to achieve. Tesla currently produces the model 3 and the Model Y in the Gigafactory Shanghai, and with the extension considered a few weeks ago, the production of these vehicles should be increased. In addition, the American car manufacturers are planning the production of a 25.000 dollar electric cars designed and developed in China in the Giga Shanghai.

CEO Elon Musk announced that the Gigafactory Shanghai has meanwhile exceeded the production capacity of the factory in Fremont, and Tesla has made the Chinese factory for his new main export center. The factory becomes more and more to an important part of Tesla’s activities, as well as the Chinese market.

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