Tesla invests 200 million. USD in Giga Shanghai

Tesla invests 200 million. USD in Giga Shanghai-giga

Tesla has informed that the company nearly 200 million US dollars in the expansion of Gigafactory Shanghai and the setting of potential 4.000 other employees invest. For Tesla, Giga Shanghai plays a crucial role in bringing e-mobility into the mass. Supported by the Giga Shanghai, Tesla was possible an annual production capacity of 500.000 electric vehicles to achieve.

Now Tesla submitted an application for an extension of the factory worth up to 1.2 billion yuan ($ 188 million) at the local government. The application does not contain many details about the extension except that capacity for 4.000 other employees is increased. Reuters reports that Tesla is due to the massive investment additional 4.000 employees can set, which causes the number of employees in the factory to 19.000 raised. At the models currently producing the work, nothing will change, it is said in the application that does not show how much production capacity should be increased.

Tesla currently produces Model 3 and Model Y in the Gigafactory Shanghai, and the expansion should increase the production of these vehicles. In addition, the American car manufacturers are planning the production of a 25.000 dollar electric cars designed and developed in China in the Giga Shanghai. Where this project is probably still a little in the pipeline until it becomes reality. The President of Tesla China, Tom Zhu, gave to understand that the smaller, cheaper Tesla is developed in China, in a research center in Teslas Gigafcatory in Shanghai. Zhu said that the electrical compact cars of Tesla built in China and should be sold worldwide. Information about the design of the new vehicle has not yet been leaked, although there are speculations that the new vehicle will probably be a smaller sedan or a kind of floating gear.

The factory becomes more and more to an important part of Tesla’s activities, as well as the Chinese market. As recently reported, Tesla has been able to produce an impressive production of over 54 in recent months.000 vehicles in the Gigafactory Shanghai maintain. If this is maintained in the long term, this would already be the planned capacity of 500.000 vehicles exceed, the Tesla is currently known.

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  1. No, that’s not in the article. It is said that the investment volume of up to 4,000 additional workers could be set when taking the theoretical-maximum output after the investment and would achieve it proportionately with the same ratio of workers. Incidentally, this goes back to an estimate of the state Beijing daily newspaper. A typical Tesla message just.

  2. News about Tesla.

    Tesla should start serial production in Grunheid


    2022 is intended for Tesla with the start-up in Grunheide and the start of the new factory in Texan Austin the year of breakthrough Mass manufacturer will.

    (Source: N-TV.DE – 28.11.2021 – 13:55 clock)

    So the new year bothers extra momentum into the German e-car landscape.

  3. I’m just a normal e-car owner and driver (3 years Peugeot ion and since December 2020 Peugeot E-208). This forum offers much interesting ones around the (E) mobility!

    But: 50% of my read pass make the dialogues in the comments between Pro and Contra Tesla. Some I read in my wife: Since we laugh both both. Please continue!!!

    However, in that and that, at comma (or commas) and so many other spelling rails hapert it’s something else. Please a little more care.

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