Tesla is an electric market leader in Germany

Electric cars hardly in demand

Renault and BMW overtaken: Tesla is an electric market leader in Germany

Tesla is an electric market leader in Germany-germany
dpa/John G. Mabanglo Tesla cars are in a parking lot at the Tesla Motors’ headquarters in Palo Alto, California, USA.

Electric cars are still not very much in demand among German citizens and companies in Germany, the state purchase bonus for electric cars remains a shop keeper. Meanwhile, Tesla succeeds in a coup.

So far, only 55 million euros have been accessed from the funding that has been filled with 1.2 billion euros, as reported by the industry newspaper "Automobilwoche". By the end of March, only 15 were at the responsible Federal Office of Economics and Export Control in Eschborn.348 applications received 8655 for pure battery vehicles.

Purchase bonus is hardly accessed

The purchase bonus has been requested since July 2016. The funding applies to vehicles that have since 18. May were bought. There are 4000 euros for pure electric cars with a battery, for hybrid cars that have a supplementary combustion engine, it is 3000 euros. The federal government takes over half of this, the other half must grant the manufacturer to the buyer as a estate.

Tesla is an electric market leader in Germany-market
Car Tesla front: Electric car registrations in March 2017

The premium is intended to boost the demand for electric cars. Up to 300.000 vehicle purchases could theoretically be subsidized. For comparison: According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, around 45.8 million cars are currently approved. At the beginning of 2017, there were 165 405 hybrid cars, which corresponds to a share of 0.36 percent. The proportion of pure electric cars is only 0.07 percent (34,000 vehicles).

So the level is low, but there have been high percentage increase rates for months. According to numbers from the Car Institute at the University of Duisburg-Essen, March even brought a new maximum value with 2642 newly approved pure electric cars.

Tesla leads in front of Renault and BMW

"Good news," says industry expert Ferdinand DudenhOffer. However: “It is not the mighty German corporations, but companies like Tesla and the good old post, bring movement to the future technology." Because the US provider Tesla Motors comes to over 25 percent market share, The post with its self -made electric delivery car StreetScooter at least at over seven percent. In between, according to the Car Institute Renault (24.2 percent), BMW (15.4) and Nissan (7.5). For DudenhOffer a proof of how far the German car manufacturers are still driving after the future theme of electromobility.

In 3.4 seconds past the diesel age

Tesla is an electric market leader in Germany-arrange test drive your desired

Site In 3.4 seconds past the diesel age

According to the industry expert, too long was held on the diesel. Audi will probably be the first German car manufacturer to start in 2018 with an electric car with a range of 500 kilometers – i.e. equally to Tesla -. BMW and VW are expected for 2019 and at Daimler it will probably take 500 kilometers of electrical reach until 2020. "The German car manufacturers have to hurry up," says DudenhOffer.

Everything about electromobility

On our e-mobility portal site you will find all e-vehicles & hybrids available on the German market with technical data, prices, delivery times and model comparisons. There are ongoing insider news, tests of all important vehicles, an overview of charging stations and a range computer.

You can also arrange a test drive for your desired car for free and start e-mobility easily.

"The race has not yet been decided"

But there are other voices too. For Carl Martin Welcker, President of the Mechanical Engineering Association VDMA, it is far from decided which technology is best suited for future mobility. Alternative drive types such as fuel cells or synthetic fuels should not be lost from the side, Welcker asked in an interview with "Stuttgarter Zeitung" and "Stuttgarter Nachrichten". “What we are currently seeing is that politics has committed – and that in Germany only one direction is promoted in Germany. The innovation competition that mechanical engineering and the auto industry would like to."

Tesla range at half a price: Opel’s new Stromer in the first test

Tesla is an electric market leader in Germany-leader

Site/Wochit Tesla range at half a price: Opel’s new Stromer in the first test

Everything about electromobility

On our e-mobility portal site you will find all e-vehicles & hybrids available on the German market with technical data, prices, delivery times and model comparisons. There are ongoing insider news, tests of all important vehicles, an overview of charging stations and a range computer.

You can also arrange a test drive for your desired car for free and start e-mobility easily.


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18 thoughts on “Tesla is an electric market leader in Germany”

  1. Notes on understanding the e-mobility
    For electricity prices explosion: With 50 million streamers, we need around 23% more electricity in German … power grid. From central authorities (Virt. Kraftwerk) can be controlled with controlled charging and unloading + PV + wind power! Slowly moving Tesla: When driving with the autopilot you are usually at approx. 130-140km/h on the middle lane (3-lane required), this is a much more pleasant driving style and also the reason why the Tesla’s can rarely be found on the fast lane. Load: I need less lifetime to load than a combustion driver when refueling. It is usually loaded in the garage or at the parking lot during the parking time. I no longer drive a burner because I learned to drive with electricity!

  2. Mr. Hutzler,
    They represent it as they wish. I place it based on the applicable rules or. Natural laws of physics and electrical engineering. It is freely learned to you and check it yourself.

  3. That
    The only thing that seems to melt in this context is the mind. Thirty years ago, every secondary school student could have calculated this with a conclusion. The content of Mr. Hoffmann’s comment is complete nonsense.

  4. Classic attempt to prevent progress
    What we can watch here is quite typical for many industries. Just as the classic power companies have recorded the nuclear power plant until politics has forced the exit, the automotive industry holds onto the combustion engine. The taxpayer then bears the costs for the consequences, the profits end up with industry. It is practical to make a lot of money with nuclear power from long -term nuclear nuclear power plant and the responsibility for disposal (after all, it has to be stuff for a few 100.To be stored safely) for a few billion €. Somehow perverse or? First the taxpayer finances the development, then industry makes the profits, then the taxpayer finances the exit from this failed technology.

  5. The electric car will be many in Germany
    Jobs cost and joins environmental friendliness. And where is the Tesla built ? No thanks.

  6. who wants
    An overpriced electrocarre with a very limited range, especially since the environmentally friendly extraction of the use of electrical stream is very questionable. Hope for soon alternatives, but they will not do without electrical energy.

  7. Are overpriced…
    at most the combustion engines so that they throw fat profits. The price of the electric cars depends heavily on the batteries. Fortunately, the battery prices are falling strongly, so that e_Autos will soon become affordable. The proportion of regenerative energy is also constantly increasing. Therefore, e-cars are becoming increasingly environmentally friendly.

  8. Am on 1.4.2017 retired –
    not in retirement. I would have liked to buy an electric car. Couldn’t it. The community of owners, in the facility in which I own my apartment, did not allow me to have a socket installed for the load on my purchased parking lot in the garage. This is supported by our representatives. But want e-cars.

  9. That’s not nice,…
    But it also makes no sense to install connections for electric cars everywhere. There are millions that cannot load an electric car at home. For them there must also be solutions, namely to build a charging network at the shopping centers. If you install quick veins there you can load completely while shopping.

  10. Electricity prices explosion inevitable
    A larger nuclear power plant is just around 320.To load 000 cars (1.5 gigawh power plant power with a charging power of 4.6 kWh per car). With 40 million cars on Germany’s streets, a complete changeover appears – especially since it only makes sense with regenerative energy – almost utopian. Maybe someone can do that nice-…

  11. For the bill.
    How long does it take up to 40 million vehicles on German roads? Until the manufacturers have changed models and production capacities at least 10 years. Have been exchanged for 10 years to 40 million FZG. 40mio FZG need 115 TWH with the current kilometer mileage. Around 100TWh of regenerative energy has been installed in the past 7 years. You don’t have to do anything nice-

  12. E mobility
    I can’t quite understand why the Europeans are lagging behind so far. Who is still around and talking about the future of the combustion engine. This is simply cheese. When affordable electric vehicles with a rake 500 km finally come onto the market that are not as ugly as Rauber are Hotzenplotz and yet a little larger than the potato box from BMW, then there will be no stopping. Model 3 from Tesla is the first step in this direction.

  13. No
    There will be holding in the current prices explosion, with extra driving current tax with extra counters. Likewise, the entire network conversion plus new power plants would be paid completely from whom?

  14. So so far Tesla has 1023 cars…
    …Sold in the first quarter of 2017 – or steering – or whatever. At ca. 44 million cars currently approved is a real threat to the German auto industry ! By the way, the heading is image level…Tesla has overtaken BMW and Renault. With the incredible quantities of e -mobile sold, probably a joke – or ?

  15. Tesla has more electric vehicles…
    sold than everyone else. The heading is absolutely correct. Next year the difference will be much more blatant. Every electric car that Tesla sells and no German manufacturer is missing Audi, BMW, Mercedes Porsche and VW in order to be able to calculate fleet consumption nicely and thus avoid fines.

  16. Who can afford a current?
    But only those who have the most valuable full of money anyway. I was in a Tesla showroom in Hamburg a few days ago….Prices from € 45,000 up to well over € 145,000. I will never have so much money in my whole life. Even if I had it, I would never spend it for a car. A farce of the whole electro type….

  17. Flat screens were also extremely expensive at first..
    That will change very quickly. However, a few years of patience still needs it. So from 2020 it will be significantly cheaper.


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