Tesla is building the first 2000 Germany models – and calls it back

Factory in Grunheide

Tesla is building the first 250 Germany models – and calls it back for quality problems

Tesla is building the first 2000 Germany models - and calls it back-models
Patrick Pleul/DPA central picture/dpa Tesla builds 2000 new e-cars in Grunheide: But they are not allowed to be sold

Tesla boss Elon Musk is probably already scraping with the hooves because he finally wants to start production in the German Gigafactory. However, the first test vehicles from Grunheide were "inadequate" -Now the carmaker wants to build up to 2000 more test copies.

After the feeling of endless shifts and delays, Tesla is finally on the home stretch with his new Gigafactory in the Brandenburg Grunheide – if there was not the quality of the quality.

Tesla is still waiting for the granting of the final approval. With one of these over twenty preliminary permits, Tesla had carried out machine and investment tests at the end of October and built around 250 vehicles. However, according to Tesla, the parts and bodies manufactured so far show "A significant defective quality deviating from the plant specifications". According to Tesla, further tests are now necessary, which the carmaker justifies it, "that the quality and manufacturing efficiencies in relation to the operating units mentioned have not yet been reached for plant and aggregate acceptance" be.

Tesla-Furz function embarrasses passers-by and ensures loud laughs

Tesla is building the first 2000 Germany models - and calls it back-tesla

Viralhog Tesla-Furz function embarrasses passers-by and ensures loud laughs

Tesla may 2.Build 000 copies of the Model Y

Now the Brandenburg State Environment Agency has another preliminary permit for the production of 2.000 copies of the Model Y. According to the decision of 7. January, the permission for plant and machine tests granted at the end of October will be extended with 250 vehicles and extended until March- now Tesla can carry out a pre-series as part of performance tests of the overall line, in the weekly up to 500 bodies and overall "maximum 2.000 bodies in total" may be manufactured.

Tesla is allowed in his press plant according to document 6.Process 000 parts weekly, all parts may be painted and installed in final assembly. Tesla, however, should not be cheap to stand: the bodies must not be sold later. This is how the state environmental office writes: "The parts and bodies generated during the system tests must not be used as a sales goods". And: "Use of the parts and bodies generated during the system tests for the production of sales -capable vehicles is not permitted."

It is unclear whether Tesla scraped the manufactured parts directly – in any case, the car manufacturer has to document their whereabouts, according to an edition of the state environmental office. Since these are only body and individual parts, the financial blow for Tesla should not be as large as with the production of complete electric cars-the engine and especially the battery as the most expensive component are missing in the test copies.

Environmentalists make an objection – but probably in vain

The Environmental Protection Association Grune Liga Brandenburg, which had submitted a lawsuit against Tesla when building the Gigafactory several times. The association even suspects perfidious motifs behind the performance tests, as the Tagesspiegel news portal reports. Green League Managing Director Michael Ganschow suspects that the masses and emissions of the Gigafactory can be regulated with the mass tests, "so that an approval can be issued at all".

However, there is hardly anything in the way of a final approval for the Tesla plant. After interest associations, environmentalists and residents were allowed to present their concerns regarding the construction in several rounds, the document of the Brandenburg State Environment Affair says: "In the meantime, the second online consultation has ended and the concerns claimed do not indicate that the project conflicts significant obstacles to approval."

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This article was written by Tobias Stahl

Elon Musk opens Tesla showroom in Xinjiang: "Helps to hide the genocide"

Tesla is building the first 2000 Germany models - and calls it back-building

Site/Wochit Elon Musk opens Tesla showroom in Xinjiang: "Helps to hide the genocide"

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  1. Just put stones in the way?
    This is narrowly titled, they are rocks, walls of massive chicane. For me that means doing … No production, do not build buildings in Germany. Build approval for test vehicles? Mercedes VW BMW, on the other hand, were able to operate diesel emissions freely. That fits together?

  2. There is a Tesla without defects?
    The gaps speak volumes. How does it look at important places that you don’t see? There is also a steering linkage, or even a whole part of the rear ….

  3. The heading is a joke !
    Above it says that Tesla sold 250 cars that were manufactured in Grunheide and calls back. Below it says that the zero series is manufactured without drive and batteries and LT. dt. Directive not even the body parts pressed in trial operation may be used for regular production. What should this article tell us ?

  4. ALA cars
    Mac Drive are not well received here! Fahrgeleke with hooves, saddles and bridles are hardly used! Made in Germany would be good!

  5. Problems made in Germany
    In Germany, Tesla has completely different problems than gaps: difficulties in admission, activists who hinder/sabotage the company by lighting the supply cable, complaints, advertisements and objections from residents and other attentive fellow citizens, squirrels and meerkats that have to be relocated first, etc. Mr. Musk has definitely wanted the "Booth" to dismantle again and to rebuild on the moon (which would be bureaucratically easier than in D. to build). Irony off

  6. Normal process
    One could also have written: Tesla begins with the finishing adjustment of its production machines and produces parts for up to 2000 vehicles with exceptional permit, but they are not allowed to go on sale. Thus, nothing should stand in the way of starting production when the approval is issued. Reads very differently, or? The quality of the first test pieces is irrelevant.

  7. It’s just a standard start,
    Every pub from Tesla we celebrated as if it were something special. German manufacturers will have more than 50 series runs this year.

  8. Quality problems?
    First, they are known to Tesla from the beginning and secondly it may be due to the, in another article, "Tesla factory in Berlin: It puts e-cars together at a record pace", so praised 45 seconds cycle time. And thirdly, Tesla and Elon Musk are not the navel of the world where everything has to be oriented. If a quality -related scrap cart in Grunheide runs every 45 seconds, it is roughly as important as the famous sack of rice in China

  9. Mercedes
    Please read the article about the massive quality problems at Mercedes above in the FO. They currently have one call back after the other.


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