Tesla is enough funding application for Giga Berlin

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Tesla is enough funding application for Giga Berlin-enough

The US electric car pioneer Tesla has now filed a conveying application for the construction of its vehicle work in Gruheide at Berlin as expected. This is currently being processed at the Investment Bank Brandenburg (ILB), as the news agency DPA reports. “The documents are now successively completed,” said ILB board leader Tillmann Stenger with.

It is not clear yet how high the funding is fails. Among other things, this depends on information from the investment plan. Necessary is also a notification procedure in the EU Commission in Brussels, which is currently being prepared. Stenger assumes that the funding amount will be well over 100 million euros. The funding subsidy for a large project, such as that of Tesla, amounts to 6.8 percent of the total investment and comes from the Community task to improve the regional economic structure (GRW) and ESF continuing education promotion to skilled workers, such as government spokesman Florian Engels said.

Tesla wants to build its, after two in the USA and one in China, fourth Gigafactory, called Giga Berlin, and produce the mid-range model 3 and its SUV offshoot model Y from the middle of the coming year. Tesla expects a production volume of 500.000 vehicles per year.

“It also has to take place research and development in Germany”

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier already said that German funding funds are possible for the US electric car manufacturer Tesla under fulfillment of certain criteria. In order to be promoted by state, “the companies would have to meet certain requirements for the sustainability and performance of the batteries,” said Altmaier in the world on Sunday. In addition, “not only extended workbenches in Germany may arise. There must also be research and development and value creation in Germany, “he precise.

“All companies that fulfill these criteria have the opportunity to give a promotion – also Tesla,” says Altmaier. He has always pointed out in his talks with Tesla boss Elon Musk, “that there is no privilege, but also no discrimination”.

Politicians would like Teslas as a company car

So Tesla has chosen Brandenburg as his Germany site. It is therefore possible for that that one or the other Tesla also comes into question as a company car of the state government, as Ingo Decker says, the spokesman of the Ministry of Finance. Currently no Tesla is in the fleet, but “what the future brings will show itself.”

Environment Minister Axel Vogel from the Greens said in November, he could become the first minister with a Tesla as a company car. “That could happen,” he said shortly before his expenditure. Currently, however, he has stopped the plans for the time being how a spokeswoman communicates to “not even the appearance of interest refurbishment” in connection with the planned settlement of Tesla in the state.

The climate would do well, bird would change soon. The former Minister of Environment JOrg Bird Singer (SPD) was according to a list of German environmental aid (DUH) with a BMW 730d diesel on the way. Brandenburg Social Minister Ursula Nonnemacher (Greens) uses an Audi A6 and would also like to change to an environmentally friendly model. She was “very interested in using a climate-friendly company car as quickly as possible”.

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  1. Please do not forget that these batteries have an average lifespan of 5 years.
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