Tesla is making the Supercharger network generally usable

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Billing should be done via app (update)

Tesla is making the Supercharger network generally usable-network

On July 20, Elon Musk announced in a tweet that the Supercharger network would in future also be open to drivers of all other brands. So far, only Tesla vehicles can be charged on the company’s fast chargers.

At the investor conference on the quarterly figures on July 26, Elon Musk said that billing for non-Tesla drivers will be done via an app should, as can be seen from the Teslarati transcript. That should mean that you have to enter your own credit card details in the Tesla app. Then the column on which you want to charge must be specified – probably by reading a QR code stuck on the Supercharger. The column is then activated and the charging process can begin.

How the billing should be done remained unclear after the Elon Musk tweet on July 20. Tesla vehicles authenticate themselves at the charging station via the cable, which would not be possible with electric cars from other brands.

Elon Musk also stated at the investor conference that an adapter would be necessary for non-Tesla vehicles in the USA. Electric cars from other manufacturers cannot be charged with the proprietary Tesla US plug. The superchargers in Europe, on the other hand, have already been retrofitted with CCS2 cables.

Another statement from Elon Musk at the conference suggests that he will introduce time-dependent electricity tariffs, apparently only for the "pantographs" who do not drive a Tesla:

"The biggest constraint to Superchargers is time," Musk said, adding that there are times when charging stations are packed and other times when they are empty. "Tesla will also be smarter in terms of how it charges for electricity," Musk added, noting that Tesla will use time-based pricing for non-Tesla EVs. "

On July 20, Musk responded to a tweet intended to justify Tesla launching its own charging network. The Tesla boss said:

"We developed our own plug because there was no standard back then & Tesla was the only manufacturer of long-range electric cars.
It’s a pretty slim plug for low & high power charging. Apart from that, we will make our supercharger network available to other electric cars this year as well. "

Another Twitter user asked if this only applies to certain countries, but according to Elon Musk, the Supercharger network will open up in all countries over time:

At Tesla, Plug and Charge is already a reality

Tesla vehicles authenticate themselves via plug and charge even at the column, i.e. no charging card or app is required. However, authentication of the car at the charging station using this technology has so far been the exception for other electric cars. Retrofitting superchargers with readers for charging cards would be costly.

There is an international standard (ISO 15118) for Plug and Charge, which means that charging network operators and car manufacturers have already agreed on a standard for communication between the column and the car. Charging providers such as Ionity or NewMotion also offer this function to their users.

But there are still a few electric cars that support the technology. The electric smart can do it, even the Audi e-tron and the Porsche Taycan should support the process. At VW, it will come into the cars in the future after an over-the-air update, which is subject to a surcharge, according to a footnote on the manufacturer’s website. And recently, Mercedes revealed that the new EQS supports Plug and Charge.

Plug and Charge would make charging extremely easy for customers: Simply connect the cable and off you go. The charging electricity provider with whom you have signed a contract will be billed automatically. The hope remains that at some point Plug and Charge will also be possible for non-Tesla vehicles.

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Tesla is making the Supercharger network generally usable-supercharger Tesla opens Supercharger factory in Shanghai

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