Tesla: Ministry of Transport has driver assistance system checked

Unauthorized software in Tesla in use?

Ministry of Transport has driver assistance system checked

Tesla: Ministry of Transport has driver assistance system checked-tesla
dpa/sven Hoppe The first fatal accident with Tesla’s automated driving system recently called the American traffic supervision on the schedule

According to a media report, the Federal Ministry of Transport has it checked whether the car manufacturer Tesla may have expanded the software on the driver assistance system of the Model S.

Functions may have been installed that were not checked for safety as part of the type approval, the reported "mirror" in advance from his new edition. It should be a system that regulates overtaking processes. If the suspicion is confirmed, the type approval for this model could expire. The cars would have to be closed, the reported the "mirror" continue. The authorities in the Netherlands would therefore be responsible for any withdrawal of admission, where Tesla received the type approval. Tesla initially did not comment on the allegations.

First fatal accident

The Federal Ministry of Transport announced that the "technical status" on. However, there is no investigation against Tesla. It is only one "Normal status acquisition" Between the Ministry of Motor Transport Authority.

Tesla had announced the first fatal accident with an electric car controlled by autopilot a week ago. The carmaker had presented the system last year. It automatically changes cars, change the speed and trigger the brake. However, according to Tesla, the driver must hold his hands on the handlebar at any time.

Supplier criticizes Autopilot-Sytem

In the meantime, a supplier of Tesla criticized the autopilot system as not mature. The Israeli manufacturer Mobileye, who delivers cameras to Tesla, told the "Suddeutsche Zeitung", that mobileye systems could only recognize situations with vehicles crossing laterally from 2018.

Representatives of German car manufacturers warned to be caution when using such systems. "We are very careful with releasing something for the customer", cited the "SZ" From the BMW group. Mercedes expert Michael Hafner said that road traffic was so complex, "that we have no 100 % availability yet".

Driver has to intervene: This video shows where Teslas Autopilot has its limits

Tesla: Ministry of Transport has driver assistance system checked-transport

CHIP Driver has to intervene: This video shows where Teslas Autopilot has its limits

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  1. But that too
    Tesla (in contrast to VW, Opel and Co. As a small company a serious electric car … To develop) should be withdrawn from the type approval because something has happened that would have happened without the assistance systems (no autopilot), but if VW millions of engines with illegal software to cheat on the test is everything in order (because VW enough bribes to politics paid).

  2. driving pleasure?
    The marketing departments of the car manufacturers follow the media hype to automomomas in full swing-probably also in order to get from the not dominated climate and environmental problems of the dirty, outdated Otto and. To distract diesel engine technologies (it is not for nothing that the corresponding regulations at the EU level are not tightened!))). The first serious accidents during autonomous driving are reported. Gone stupid! However, you can now see that autonomous driving is not only a technical challenge – especially with regard to technical security – but rather unresolved ethical, legal and information security problems. Anyone can get from the stand of comparable PC and smartphone security …


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