Tesla Model 3 Am SuperCharger V3: Range is loaded by 50% in less than 12 minutes

Tesla Model 3 Am SuperCharger V3: Range is loaded by 50% in less than 12 minutes-tesla

At the beginning of March, we had already reported that the latest Tesla electric car, model 3 with its type 2170 battery cells, which can already use higher loaderes of the Supercharger V3. In just five minutes, Model 3 LR Energie loads for more than 120 km. The peak power of the new station is over 1.600 km charging power per hour. So the then promise.

Cleantechnica has received the feedback from Youtuber Dagery, which has charged 50% of its battery at its Tesla Mode 3 Long Range in just twelve minutes. On the framework conditions is to say that the Tesla Model 3 Long Range by Dagery The Firmware 2019.20.2.1. used. Furthermore, the electric car was just 161 km and the battery was in a warm condition. There is no information about whether the battery preparation has also been activated.

If, for example, you enter the Navi that you want to start the next SuperCharger station, the system will warm the “Battery intelligent to ensure that you reach the optimal charge temperature”. In this way, the “average loading times for owners are reduced by 25%,” says Tesla. Since Dagery planned to film the charging process, it is assumed that the battery preparation was used to load it.

The vehicle was plugged in at a low state of charge of 2%, then switched quickly to the full 250 kW charging power and brought it in 11 minutes and 29 seconds to over 50% charged battery capacity. A typical charging session, which is connected at 10%, is almost as fast and increases the range by 50% in about 12.5 minutes. In the Supercharger V3 one can hold that after plugging the charging cable at 2% state of charge, the performance rises very quickly and the full 250 kW at around 5% were reached and remain at full power until shortly before 22%.

The restoration of this initial 20% of the range for up to 250 kW took only 4 minutes and 24 seconds from the stand. For comparison: That’s more range on the highway, when the Audi E-Tron can cope with charging time in more than 10 minutes. At the Supercharger V3, the Tesla can recharge a range of 311 km in just 20 minutes – typically well over two and a half hours of highway travel. That’s about the duration between breaks for many people, especially when children are on board. Three hours reach on the highway can be restored in less than 30 minutes.

Tesla driver, which are around 160 kilometers from their destination, will be able to restore the entire range they need in just about 8 minutes when connected to a V3 supercharger. This makes it possible, among other things, by the fact that the V3 supercharger does not share their performance. As a result, fast charging times are largely guaranteed.

In contrast, the electro-car manufacturer Tesla has begun in the United States to reprogram some of its supercharger stations so that in the case of particularly high capacity utilization, they only fill up the vehicles up to a maximum capacity of 80 percent of total battery capacity. So Tesla wants to shorten the waiting times at heavily frequented stations.

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1 thought on “Tesla Model 3 Am SuperCharger V3: Range is loaded by 50% in less than 12 minutes”

  1. Right!

    My speech, for years!

    The range of driver bladder capacity is significantly lower than those of the Tesla batteries! After 3 hours at the latest, anyone wants from the family to the toilet. And the rest of the rest stops usually lasts at least 15 minutes – so enough time to refurbish the next stage in front of the PIPI emergency stop in the battery.

    If a coffee is still due, or a snack is due for the 80% fast charge, and you are already on the Mediterranean or the North Sea.

    In three years, this discussion is smiled in the retrospective as a stone time of e-mobility. Then the first solids batteries (Toyota and China) have proven their long-distance suitability (over 700 km).

    And about the I.D.3 with its 400 km for 40.000 Euro is then tiredly smiled.


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