Tesla Model 3 and Model Y should get auto-shift functionality

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As with the new Model S, driving mode D or R no longer has to be selected

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y should get auto-shift functionality-Model driving mode longer selected

According to the new versions of Tesla Model S and Model X, Model 3 and Model Y will also receive the "Auto Shift" function – if they have Full Self Driving Software (FSD) on board. That emerges from a new tweet from Elon Musk.

The new function makes the selection of the driving mode (P, R and D) superfluous in the Model S; the car does not have a selector lever anyway. The software determines itself, based on the data from the auto-pilot cameras, whether you will drive forwards or backwards.

Elon Musk responded to a tweet from a tester of the new FSD Beta V9 software. The user with the Twitter name Whole Mars Catalog had reserved a table in the restaurant, whereupon the user’s iPhone automatically transferred the appointment to his Tesla Model 3. As soon as he got into the car, the software automatically started navigating to the restaurant. "The only thing I had to do was pull the selector lever and FSD took us there," said the obviously enthusiastic driver.

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Musk replied that in the new Model S he didn’t even have to touch the lever. And: "The automatic direction detection is provided as an optional setting for all cars with FSD," says Musk.

This apparently means that the auto-shift function of the new Model S will be available as an option in all Tesla vehicles that have FSD capability. That would include Model 3 and Model Y with FSD.

Obviously, the auto-shift function has proven itself. The new Model S no longer has a traditional selector lever. Modes D and R are activated via the touchscreen by swiping up or down:

If you activate the "Auto Shift Out of Park" function, the car recognizes from the sensors on board whether D or R needs to be activated, as can be seen in the operating instructions for the Model S Plaid (Scribd) emerges. As soon as the driver has closed the door, fastened the seat belt and released the brake pedal, the car drives in the determined direction.

According to Teslarati, Musk has even announced that in the future Tesla will also be able to master more complicated maneuvers such as turning in three moves without having to switch from D to R and back again. That may still be a dream of the future, but "Auto Shift Out of Park" marks the beginning of new autonomous driving functions did. More about autonomous driving: Tesla Model 3 and Model Y should get auto-shift functionality-model Tesla wants to roll out Full Self Driving Beta V9 from tomorrow

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y should get auto-shift functionality-tesla Volvo donates lidar as standard to its electric flagship

In the following video from Tesla Raj "Auto Shift Out of Park" is explained and tried out (from around 31:30). It also tests what the car does when you stop in the middle of a parking lot (where there is space to the front and back). And what happens if a pedestrian blocks the way. And what to do when both the way forward and the way back are blocked.

In addition, you learn a lot about the operation of the Model S Plaid in the recommended film, for example:

  • The new user interface
  • Adjustment of shock absorbers and steering
  • Seat ventilation
  • Control horn: How practical is it when turning?
  • Center console: The compartment is incredibly deep
  • Touchscreen: How well can you see it from the passenger side?
  • Display: Is there also a narrow display on the passenger side?
  • Display in the rear: what can be set there?
  • Can you listen to music in the rear via Apple Airpods? (You can’t.)
  • How to fold down the rear seats?
  • How does turning work in three moves? (from 26:00)

Source: Whole Mars Catalog via Teslarati

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