Tesla Model 3 as HyperHybrid car cheaper and with more range

Tesla Model 3 as HyperHybrid car cheaper and with more range-tesla

Obrist, an Austrian engineering firm, claims they can get the popular Tesla Model 3 on the road with double the range and significantly cheaper. However, with a catch. The purely electric car will become a HyperHybrid car, as the Austrians describe the vehicle. As the “Obrist Mark II”, the converted Model 3 is to be upgraded to up to 1.000 kilometers range come.

For this purpose, the built-in battery pack is “downgraded” and a petrol engine is installed in the front trunk. The reason for this conversion is the fact that the incomplete infrastructure, insufficient range and costs that are unaffordable for the average consumer disqualify the e-car in everyday life. Whether the conversion to a part-time combustion engine is the right solution is of course open to debate.

The aim is to achieve the increase in range by replacing the 50 kWh battery of the Tesla Model 3, which is based on the latest 2170 cells, with a smaller 17.3 kWh battery pack with older 18650 cells, which leads to a significant weight saving compared to the factory configuration. Furthermore, a two-cylinder petrol engine is installed in the front trunk of the vehicle and together with the replacement lithium-ion battery Obrist offers maximum energy efficiency and an unmatched compactness and price. At a price of 2.$231.90 for the 17.3 kWh system and 1.$339.14 for the motor is the total price of System 3.$571.04, which is about 55% cheaper than the cost of a 50kWh battery module.

Based on Lake Constance in Austria, the company plans to make its first HyperHybrid car available for public purchase in 2023. A prototype is already in Germany and is being tested alongside a BMW i3. Company founder Frank Obrist has not yet announced an exact name for the vehicle. It can be stated that although it is an interesting approach to modify a Tesla Model 3 by using lighter, smaller battery modules and installing a motor in the frunk – the point of an electric car is taken ad absurdum in times of the climate crisis.

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9 thoughts on “Tesla Model 3 as HyperHybrid car cheaper and with more range”

  1. The problem here isn’t the hybrid concept as many comments yell.
    But if I want a hybrid, I don’t buy a Tesla and have it expensively and half-baked converted, but buy e.g.B. a BMW 330e.
    Regardless of what you think of Hybrid, this project makes absolutely no sense when you consider the competition.

  2. already 8. July 2006 I wrote this hybrid rule.
    For the many employees of the automotive companies, a scribbled slogan from the bulletin board of a technical university applies: “Three years ago I didn’t know how to spell engineer, now I’m one.And now an honest employee of a car company wrote: “A year ago I already knew that hybrid car is a non-organic muesli that mixes itself, and now the company where I have the 1 euro job of my life also provides nor those that also drive autonomously.

    1. The driver must not have any influence on the main engine in the hybrid car. It should not have more than 3 cylinders for internal combustion engines. Its exhaust gas temperature should be below 80°C. A hot-air engine with catalytic combustion would also be conceivable, as would a turbine.

    2. The main engine should regulate the start, stop and speed itself in such a way that consumption and efficiency are optimal, because there is only a small speed range in which engines have a good level of efficiency. (This applies to all internal combustion engines and their exhaust gases.)

    3. The vehicle, whether with two-wheel or four-wheel drive, should only be equipped with wheel hub motors, because transmissions and differentials consume energy, increase the vehicle weight and cost money. (As early as 1895 automobiles had such engines. Today, large ships already have the electric cable between the engine and the ship’s propeller.) A well-known car company has such a motor vehicle with wheel hub motors in its collection and is also exhibiting it.

    4. The wheel hub motors must be interchangeable blocks that enable both electrical braking energy feedback and conventional friction braking. Replacing the blocks has to be quick. The idea should not only gain a foothold in tanks. Germany and Bavaria funded the idea with a lot of money and paid for wind turbine development. It would be important if the same interchangeable blocks were used for different car brands. (When it comes to tyres, batteries and other technical junk, it’s okay.)
    To the dear highly paid car managers: “You save money with it! When it comes to Formula 1, you already think of uniform engines and don’t blush or even die.”

    5. The batteries that the vehicle has must be of two types. On the one hand, the short-term memory without charging cycle limitation on a C basis (e.g.B. Gold-Caps) for absorbing the braking energy and for accelerating, and on the other hand the long-term storage with high performance on a chemical basis, for absorbing the energy from the main engine. Man also has a short-term and a long-term-
    Memory and is quite well with it.

    6. The promise that this or that or offered vehicle would have short battery charges, is at the expense of the service life. It only helps: Challenge a 10-year battery balance, then the seller will be soft.

    7. The batteries must be accompanied by a replacement contract, because old batteries are raw materials and they should not have to pay for disposal and much more for the new batteries.

    8th. Only charging from the socket is good, but only when the operating radius of the selected vehicle does not exceed 120 km. Charging, while in the workplace of its six (6) hours work, is realizable. We would need a Henri Ford again! Shorten working hours and double wages and the profiteers of the crisis said that that would have been a capitalist trick. Do that trick again!

    9. The statement that you can charge the car at the gas station is correct if you accept waiting times of at least 3 – 4 hours. Then you have to wait or read point 6 again.

    10. If the vehicle has photocells on its surface to compensate for unnecessary metallic paint, it is positive. Just ask for it.

    11. Tires that generate little flexing heat are mandatory for such a car. You don’t want to waste energy on the tires. The vehicle can also be fitted with springs and shock absorbers in other ways.

    12. It is better not to pay attention to offers from vehicles with speeds over 120 km/h. Statements like: “You can reach 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds.’ Don’t listen. These people who make such offers were given gasoline to drink in their childhood. Think there’s going to be a car tax after Lavoisier, who was a tax tenant in France and discovered the Law of Conservation of Masses with the motto what goes in the front of the tank comes out the back. This is what makes up the CO2 tax. Other calculations, with star and lightning bonuses, are cheating. (Lavoisier was beheaded.) No engine can either remove or add a “C”. A party can.

    13. The financing of the ecological cars would have to correspond to that of single-family houses, without Greenspan yield curves unsettling the people and throwing the world into chaos. It should be worth something to the states to only finance and allow long-lasting cars in order to save resources and create jobs, also because of the energy balance. Plastic should also be a bad term from the past. Leather and wood create work for many hands (The number of hours worked must be clearly visible on each product.) and the air in new vehicles would not be impregnated with plasticizers. Most materials that are used in vehicles are not suitable for packing sausage, but the car buyer is already wrapping it. It’s strange that no one sitting in a 1900 vintage car jumps out and is indignant at how ugly and scary a vintage car is. Children’s toys that break quickly trigger aggressive behavior, this has been scientifically proven. Aren’t politicians and managers afraid, or are they too stupid to be afraid??

    A man shot his annoying PC. Since the man held a valid firearms license, he was not punished for the relentless execution of his PC. Only the murder weapon was retained as a precaution. In the USA there is already a technical term for such phenomena: “Technology Related Anger”, which means something like technology-related anger.

    14. Rust should be a foreign word in durable economic goods. It must also be recorded how much energy a vehicle consumes during its construction down to the last screw and how much energy is consumed again when it is finally removed. (The energy consumption production number must be visible to every buyer and regulates the tax for the product with the number of working hours. Note that labor is measured in physical units and is taxable whether it is of human or machine origin.) The stupid saying of politicians – “But the chimney must smoke.“ – belongs to the past. More than a hundred years ago one could read that exhaust fumes are damaging our forests. At that time it was already established that the gases are not as terrible at night as they are during the day.

    15. If someone tries to sell you a hydrogen car with an internal combustion engine, draw your attention to the NOx measurements and get confirmation that this vehicle has no NOx emissions and do not engage in a horse dealer conversation.

    16. If you compare these points with the cars offered on the market, you will find that there is no vehicle for you to buy. I would like to remind you that the director of a large car factory once said: “Not every butcher has to drive one of our XXX cars.This had the effect that this brand was no longer bought by any butcher. – And the moral of the story? The director was not a director from now on. – Today it’s also about the sausage, let’s stick together and don’t buy the cheese. There was a great and brilliant designer who said in 1932: “I only know one thing: Unlike happier America, we cannot solve our crisis with money, but only by achieving an intellectual head start. We cannot, therefore, retain the antiquated automobile designs, overwhelm and conceal the details with questionable additional innovations and still produce the big cars cheaper and cheaper, as America is doing, but we must equip the small car with ever greater advantages without increasing the operating costs which alone are decisive for our customers” .

    Antonius Theiler b.1941

  3. The best plug-in hybrid is a highly efficient power generator motor (~1.5L\¹°° & 33gCO² ? ) with a small tank* that charges at least a 20kWh battery on the side and has a total range of about 700+ km without refueling!
    With a reasonable price that would be something interesting.
    The Tesla vehicle is not a good choice for such a presentation, a BMW i3 would have been better, because such a possibility already exists. The motorcycle engine generates electrical power via a generator and extends the range with a *9-liter tank located at the front by about 120 to 150 km, with electricity that was about. 300+ miles.
    Since the model is being phased out by BMW, a visual change and BMW cooperation would be the ideal vehicle for a hyperhybrid car without fear of range !
    as a temporary solution
    Cars that consume little fossil fuels are good for the climate and reduce fines !

  4. My business idea looks like this:

    I remove the battery and motors from a Model3 and attach a harness for two horses to the front.
    The vehicle will not consume any fuel or electricity!!! This is the ingenious technology of the future.

  5. I think there are a lot of good bodies that have worn out engines and transmissions that could then be given a second, cleaner life if they were converted in this way. Think of my Audi A5 Cabrio (no longer built) or even a T3syncro with two electric motors and a solar roof, etc. to be able to travel relatively clean 🙂

  6. Have you already forgotten the Opel Ampera, which came out in 2011 and can do exactly that with a 16.5 kWh battery and range extender, which Obrist now praises as groundbreaking news? This was a good transitional technology at a time when BEVs were still talking about a range of 150 km. I was able to enjoy over 80% of my trips electrically with the Ampera. But exhaust, engine oil, V-belts and all that extra hassle and space consumption bothered me. Now my new vehicle is all-electric and Tesla does it right with the M3.

  7. What a stupid idea. Who wants that?? I often drive 900km to my holiday home in Italy. I would never have dreamed of installing a petrol engine in my Tesla Model 3P. Stone Age idea of a Neanderthal company real. Probably asked your Otzi or something?

  8. Well, I can’t really believe the whole thing with the 2l/100km, because with an efficiency of 40% of the motor and the assumption that 1l petrol has an energy content of 9kwh, then the car would only consume 7.2kwh/100km (2Lx9kwh/ Lx0.4). This consumption is highest in the city, but not in overland with more than 65km/h. And for the city, only the battery with a range of 96km would be enough!
    So and now I’m looking forward to the answer from Mr. Obrist!

  9. Combustion hybrid or purely electric
    The fact is that we have to reduce co2 emissions as quickly as possible, so pure combustion engines that run on fossil fuels are no longer of interest. A purely electrically powered vehicle is a good thing and Tesla has proven that it is possible, but the question arises to what extent do I need a daily range of 500km with an annual mileage of 20,000km.

    With an annual mileage of 20,000 km, the daily mileage is 55 km

    I consider the approach of the company Obrist as a good alternative, I want to get a good alternative with a range of over 100km 95% of my annual kilometer performance purely electrically and the remaining 5% can cover without the extension or annoying time-consuming shop. In addition, I can do the cost of a big one Heavy battery saves probably through its weight to a greater consumption. Why do I need a range of 500km that I only need 2 to 3 times a year (I don’t buy an airline either, I just want to fly on vacation 2 times a year)

    (Also consider that the increasing sale of electric cars at the existing charging stations can lead to increased waiting times)

    You will say the hybrid already exists and why reinvent the wheel.

    That’s correct, but today’s hybrid concepts continue to use large engines or have batteries that are too small and cannot rule out losses in the partial load range because the combustion engine continues to act directly on the drive train.

    This concept sees a small internal combustion engine as a generator for powering the electric car before which always operated in the optimum range of effects and only a few are not sufficiently sufficiently reducing the emissions and wear to a minimum. Furthermore, it can also be operated with CO2-neutral fuels.

    Now various people will probably take the view that 100km a day is far from enough. Yes, of course there are people who have a different usage behavior than the majority of the population, but should we discard a technical option for saving co2 emissions or call it nonsense just because it doesn’t seem practicable for a minority.


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