Tesla Model 3 basic model in the future in China with more range

Tesla Model 3 basic model in the future in China with more range-range

In mid-May, we had to report that the sales figures of the locally produced model 3 in China were massively collapsed in April. In the first quarter, Tesla could report recording sales – with more than 10.000 vehicles in March. In May, the whole time has turned again and Tesla can increase its China sales to April 205 percent. In the future, it could rise even further, because Exclusive for China brings Tesla the model 3 basic model with more reach on the street.

As Reuters reported Tesla in China approval for the production of its model 3 with a new and cheaper battery on lithium iron phosphate base (LFP). The battery supplier is not listed in the message itself, but is known by prior messages as Catl. First Chinese Twitter users should have reported that the LFP battery donates the basic model of Model 3 a higher range. This range upgrade in conjunction with the “cheap” placement on the market should ensure that the Tesla Model 3 can prevail against Chinese competition.

Before introducing the LFP battery in Model 3, its range was given 445 km to WLTP. For this, the batteries initially came from the Gigafactory of Tesla and Panasonic in the US, but should be delivered since the beginning of this spring of LG Chem since the beginning of this spring. About at this time, the plans for CATLS LFP battery became more concrete. At these, this is to mention that this battery type is characterized by it that it is more robust and cheaper than the NCM and NCA cells otherwise used with Tesla. Disadvantage, however, is a low energy density, this means a higher weight per kilowatt hour in reverse.

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