Tesla Model 3 comes to Europe with CCS and can use the pan-European IONITY network

Tesla Model 3 comes to Europe with CCS and can use the pan-European IONITY network-comes

“Auto Express” confirmed, citing Drew Bennett, who is responsible for global charging infrastructure at Tesla, that the Tesla Model 3 will have a CCS charging port in Europe. When Tesla’s electric car makes its way to Europe in early 2019, future owners will be able to use Tesla‘s Super and Destinationcharger networks, as well as third-party charging stations.

Since all vehicles that allow charging with direct current using the Combined Charging System (CCS) can be charged at IONITY, this will also apply to Tesla’s Model 3. The technology of the IONITY charging stations automatically optimizes the charging speed to the maximum that the battery of the respective vehicle allows. Currently you pay 8 euros flat for charging at IONITY for one charging process. This will certainly change as the number of users increases.

In October 2017 there were now more than 3 across Europe.500 Combined Charging System (CCS) fast charging stations available. good 1.000 more than in 2016 and already 750 more than at the beginning of 2017.

For Tesla, however, this does not mean that its own supercharger network will no longer be expanded. Rather, one would like to offer European Model 3 owners another charging option. Definitely an added value for the driver, CCS increases the practicality of the vehicle, since you can fall back on a much wider selection of suitable charging stations. There is currently talk of around 430 Supercharger locations with over 3.600 chargers, these systems are to be upgraded with CCS connections before the introduction of the Model 3. Other locations are to follow.

The suitability for everyday use of the Model X and Model S is still only guaranteed with the appropriate adapter. These should also receive an update and be smaller than the current generation of CHAdeMO adapters. Tesla took the first step back in 2016 when it joined the CharIN fast-charging initiative. This is responsible for the development of fast charging concepts based on CCS technology. So far, however, it was not clear whether the Model 3 would actually come to Europe with CCS.

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