Tesla Model 3 overtakes Audi, BMW and Mercedes in Germany

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The US sedan sold better than the A4, 3 Series and C-Class combined in September 2021

Tesla Model 3 overtakes Audi, BMW and Mercedes in Germany-audi

The world is changing. In this phase of profound change, however, there are a few things that are speechless. In September 2021, for example, the Tesla Model 3 was sold more frequently in Germany than the Audi A4, the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C-Class TOGETHER.

And that's not all: the Model 3 narrowly missed out on overtaking the VW Golf as the best-selling car in Germany last month.

Certainly, the electric car bonus distorts a lot and Tesla is also able to deliver faster than other manufacturers in the current chip crisis. Nevertheless, the September figures mark a deep turning point for the German premium brands. Because one thing is also certain: regardless of the premium or not, the product still has to be convincing.

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Tesla Model 3 overtakes Audi, BMW and Mercedes in Germany-audi

In a market like Germany, where electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles now make up 28% of the total market, the Tesla Model 3 achieved 6,800 registrations in September. In the same month BMW sold 3,000 vehicles of the 3 series and Mercedes 2,200 vehicles of the C-class and the CLA, which strangely enough is not added to the A-class. Audi sold around 900 A4, S4, RS4, A5, S5 and RS5 vehicles. That adds up to 6,100.

If you look at the numbers from the beginning of the year, Audi and BMW are still ahead of Model 3, but Tesla is quickly closing the gap. In the first half of 2021, Audi sold 15,834 vehicles from the A4 family and BMW 23,511 3-series. The Tesla, which did better than the Mercedes C-Class, stops at around 13,000.

But compared to the previous year, in the first 6 months of 2021, the Model 3 recorded an impressive growth of 431 percent. And not yet taken into account are the effects that Model Y on the European markets, now that the Berlin Gigafactory is up and running.

Tesla Model 3 overtakes Audi, BMW and Mercedes in Germany-model

To get an idea of ​​the success of the Model 3 in Germany, further figures can be given. In June of this year, the American sedan made it into the top ten best-selling cars for the first time and came in ninth place.

If you only look at the electric and plug-in hybrids and look at the period from January to August 2021, Model 3 is in third place with 18,845 vehicles sold, behind the Volkswagen e-up! (20.438) and the Volkswagen ID.3 (18,845). And we can't rule out that Model 3 will do even better by the end of the year.

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Audi, BMW and Mercedes, on the other hand, have to deal with a strongly shrinking market. In September 2020, the three German manufacturers had sold more than 11,000 units in the Model 3 segment in their home country, almost twice as many as in September 2021. And this in a scenario in which, again with a view to the September figures, the registrations of diesel and gasoline engines fell by 54 and 41 percent, respectively, while electric cars rose by 59 percent. In Europe as a whole, the situation is not much different.

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