Tesla Model 3: range test in winter-that is how far the e-car really comes

Tesla in winter

Range test at minus two degrees: This is how far the Tesla Model 3 really comes

Tesla Model 3: range test in winter-that is how far the e-car really comes-model
YouTube / BatteryBro Range test at -2 degrees: This is how far the Tesla Model 3 really comes

How far an electric car actually gets depends on various factors.. If it is particularly cold outside, this has a negative impact on the range. The US car blogger BatteryBro has put its brand new Tesla Model 3 to the test.

In the standard Range Plus (SR+) variant, i.e. the basic model of the Tesla Model 3, the range is around 430 kilometers according to the manufacturer. But this value can also be reached at -2 degrees Celsius in winter? Tesla owner and Youtuber BatteryBro wanted to know exactly and felt his electricity on the tooth on a tour of the state of New York on a tour of the state of New York.

Heating active, highway at a crawl pace

At the start of the tour, the battery has a capacity of 98 percent. Since the autoblogger is mainly on the highway, he set the cruise control to the equivalent of 112 km/h. The autopilot is also activated. The vehicle heating, on the other hand, is not on despite the low temperatures.

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Tesla Model 3: range test in winter-that is how far the e-car really comes-range

Site Drives the end of BMW and Co? New Tesla in the motorway test

BatteryBro had its route from Tesla’s route planner calculated. If everything works, he should put a spot landing on the supercharger marked as a goal and arrive there with exactly one percent battery. So far, the journey has been running smoothly and without much interruptions. “The autopilot is great. You just sit around while the car drives. In addition, it is surprisingly warm here, ”he says and concluded:“ I definitely have such a good reach because I didn’t have to turn on the heating so far."

New component of Tesla increases range

As predicted by Tesla, the electric car fan arrives after the equivalent of 330 kilometers and with almost empty battery on the supercharger. "The car participated well," he says happily. If the battery stand had been 100 percent at the start, even a range of 341 kilometers would have been realistic. Batterybro is enthusiastic about the performance of his electricity. “The car has so much to offer and can keep up with the long range variant in many ways.“, He sums up satisfied.

The measured in the temperatures of really good range results could also be explained by Tesla’s new heat pump. The new component called Octovalve was first used in Model Y, Site reported, but now also used in the current Model 3. The Octovalve is a clever all-in-one system that combines all thermal processes such as heating and cooling processes and thus increases the efficiency of the vehicle by up to 10 percent.

This article was written by Franziska Albrecht

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Tesla Model 3: range test in winter-that is how far the e-car really comes-tesla

Site Polestar 1 in the test: Volvo’s hybrid breeding broken with 600 hp is really as economical

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16 thoughts on “Tesla Model 3: range test in winter-that is how far the e-car really comes”

  1. Range and their costs!
    Interesting message that says that the mobility provider plugsurfing on the electricity tariff … Interesting message that says that the mobility provider plugsurfing increases the electricity tariff of ionacyladic columns to € 1.09/kWh. Makes 63.22 € for a 58kWh battery of the ID3. You calculate approx. 18% loading losses, the costs increase to € 74.60. At the speed of 130km/h, the entry -level battery from VW offers a realistic range of approx. 170km, there are enough tests for such vehicle classes. This then results for 100km range of electricity costs of € 43.88. The diesel can be obtained daily for € 1.17/l, makes 37.5l diesel, so that an economical diesel in the compact class on the motorway at 130km/h easily comes to 800km. The eight-time range compared to the electric car, at the same costs. Progress looks different!

  2. An official in retirement…
    …who is even familiar with the GDR past and reports on a Trabi from 16 years of waiting on a trabi. You don’t know anything exactly, but Bayer says Mr. KOpnick, or! In the GDR, every adult in the families had an order for a car, whether he needed it or not. From the 18-year-old teenager, to parents to grandma and grandpa. An order was always due at regular intervals, even if the car might not be needed at all. The order was made to good money when the car was ready to be picked up! No one always waited for 16 years for a new car, something like that only believe people who have no idea about nothing!

  3. KOpnick, as always!
    Well we take a Tesla 3 and go full throttle! Then we are very flaw that after 60km and we are sitting on the dry, or better said, empty battery. In contrast, there was even a Porsche Cayenne Turbo at a full guest test and 265km/h to 150km range!

  4. The falling range
    at – 2 crads. How may that be with double -digit minus degrees? At night you can no longer move the part. And that doesn’t just affect Tesla.

  5. The Herr Hutzler!
    Certainly, the beautiful Norway with its e-cars! However, they are very easy to hide the fact that most of the traffic in and around the few cities is taking place, while Germany is an area with motorway traffic on a long -haul route! You can of course talk about your e-world nicely how it just fits you into the stuff!

  6. Dad should be a car
    This is not a vehicle for the 21. century?! The range of a trabbi and then the same speed. Madness and that should be progress ? These e cars may be suitable for city traffic and more not more ! A ridiculous range, at a speed of a coach and charging options that are catastrophic . If that should ever be an alternative, then this Tesla laughing number should go at least 1500 km, at least 130 km/h and please with heating. Otherwise in the trash or still as an eco toy for green self -portrayers.

  7. @Herbert KOpnick
    There was no talk of a top speed of the Tesla. The Tesla was moved with a little over land street pace. That may be sufficient in some regions of the United States. In some countries in the USA, you become a traffic obstacle

  8. That reminds me,
    To my first car, a VW Beetle 1303. More than 120km/ h did not run on the highway either, the heating was usually dead in winter and I didn’t get more than 350 km with a tank load. What a technical progress after 45 years, what a great car of this Tesla.

  9. I also have…
    driven a beetle (1200). The heating was not dead, but you had to drive for a long time until it got warm. The CA. I needed 400 km of range back then and I don’t really need today. But the worst was the loud engine (savings version without insulation).In contrast, my Tesla is pure pleasure.

  10. It’s kind of fun
    Here a YouTuber takes a test of how far it comes with his model 3 in winter and is thrilled that he can drive with 112km/h 330km. But no heating on, but it got warm and he had nothing to do in autonomous fashion. First of all: in autonomous fashion you need more attention than if you drive yourself. At the same time, however, you have to be careful not to fall asleep because yes "just" must monitor. Driving 330km at 112km/h is not a performance. Every car should have already done in the 1960s. However, in winter without heating, 330km with 112km/h that’s new for a car. It would only surprise me in the negative because I could then be sure to get just 250km to come far. That may be electrically good, but is actually poor.

  11. Range
    I can do that with my motorcycle Kawasaki VN-800. Only I have a maximum of 15 liters of tank content. And I don’t have any heating either because I am warmly dressed. Only one thing is certain, the battery is definitely not flying around my ears.

  12. Electric or air-cooled two-stroke
    Great! That is exactly the reach that you reached with the Trabbi. However, one would have approximately for the current price of an electric car. Being able to buy 10 to 20 trabbis, and since its construction contained no secret, the technically moderately gifted holder could save a lot of money through his own repair work and value preservation. This not only strengthens the wallet, but also self -confidence. You used to know his "Walking aid" Exactly, knew which background noises were only relevant after 50 kilometers, did not need an expensive service to replace the torn Varruguma for the tights of the wife in a record time of 12 minutes when rain was rained. And and and…

  13. No person in the former. GDR would have ever intended
    … can have 10-20 trabbis to buy. The waiting time in 1989 was an average of 16 years. Anyone who had ordered a Trabbi in 1989 would have received it, the turnaround would not have come in 2005. If he had ordered a new Trabbi on delivery, Trabbi No. 2 was delivered in 2021. Possibly. Already as an electric car. Avized delivery Trabbi No. 20: Anno Domini 2309!

  14. 112 km/h
    That is exactly the problem of all electric cars. With 130/160, the things have a maximum of half a range. Even at 15 degrees plus I place the heating. They drive at minus 2 without.

  15. Heating failed
    330 kilometers at 112km/h and the whole without heating? And that should be a success, or even proof that such an electric car is the stone of the wise? That I don’t laugh!

  16. Give them….
    completely right. Wanted to write exactly the same. It would be interesting how far the vehicle would get with heating and in the city. But Tesla probably doesn’t feel like it on negative advertising.


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