Tesla Model 3 transformed into post-apocalyptic off-roader

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Rich Rebuilds, known for repairing damaged Teslas, was involved in this modification …

Tesla Model 3 transformed into post-apocalyptic off-roader-post-apocalyptic

The guys at Grind Hard Plumbing Co decided to build what they call "the ultimate off-road Tesla". They were based on a model 3 Long Range with two engines that was ready for scrap and which they modified quite extensively. The Tesla was equipped, among other things, with a chassis lift, a roll cage and a cable winch, which makes it significantly more off-road compared to a production model.

Grind Hard Plumbing also enlisted the help of Rich Benoit, the man behind Rich Rebuilds, and his crew from the Electrified Garage. They started by removing the damaged parts from the vehicle, then making sure it was running, and then modifying the suspension and wheel alignment.

For full details, we recommend you watch the half-hour video. If you have the modified Model 3 in action, you can simply jump to the 24-minute mark in the video when they release it into off-road terrain where you want it to follow a specially converted Sherp SUV.

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The Cyberquad that Rich built last year is also there and follows the Sherp and Model 3 in the field. And the first impressions of the Model 3 on unpaved roads are surprisingly good. Since the vehicle is electrically powered, the driver can easily adapt the power and speed to the circumstances. There is also an all-wheel drive that offers a lot of traction and works well together with the lift kit and the coarse tires.

Rich Rebuilds released their version of this crazy vehicle too, and you can get a whole different perspective on the drama. We have attached the video below for this purpose. We hope that in the future we will see even more cinematic masterpieces in which this modified Model 3 is on really blatant off-road courses. There is a chance that it will do really well there.

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