Tesla Model Q: 2023 from 25.000 dollars and byD battery

Tesla Model Q: 2023 from 25.000 dollars and byD battery-tesla

The next-generation battery technology gives Teslas entry-level model a considerable range for its price. The speech is from an entry-level current, below the Tesla Model 3, with up to 400 km range, as well as a selling price of around the 25.000 US dollars. Where the battery for the Tesla Model Q, as the entry-level model should probably come, no longer come from Tesla itself. But by Byd.

The new Tesla hatchback E-car, which is to come to the market 2023, is a milestone on the way away from the premium electric car segment towards an affordable vehicle that builds on the great success of the compact limousine Model 3 in Europe, where She is one of the best-selling electric cars. It became a starting price in the US from about 25.000 Dollar named. This would be the cheapest model of the brand with a great distance. However, the cheap starting price should not be achieved through the latest battery technology from Tesla, but by using the Blade Battery of BYD:

Recent reports say that the so-called Model Q will be a compact sedan, such as a reduced version of the model 3, but with a sporty rear design – how this concept drawing suggests. The model is offered in a long-haul, high performance and one-motor version, with an acceleration of 0-100 km / h in 3.9 seconds and 6.9 seconds and a range of 400 km, so the Rumor.

The new car, which will go into production at Giga Shanghai, is powered by BYDS Blade battery and should be tested on the street from the end of 2022 through these reports. A variant with a shorter range could enable Tesla an entry into the increasingly competitive market for urban mobility. So far, Tesla has not yet been expressed to the exact final form and the name of the model, but only spoken by a “future product”. The current name Tesla Model Q is therefore not yet binding.

The President of Tesla China, Tom Zhu, gave to understand that the smaller, cheaper Tesla is developed in China, in a research center in Teslas Gigafcatory in Shanghai. Zhu said that the electrical compact cars of Tesla built in China and should be sold worldwide. However, how different media already to classify, the vehicle prices of Tesla are not uniform worldwide. Nonetheless, one may assume that the entry-level current will also become the cheapest model of Tesla in Germany.

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5 thoughts on “Tesla Model Q: 2023 from 25.000 dollars and byD battery”

  1. Hopefully Tesla does not start build boring car.
    But I’m good hope that it does not match any norm.
    How about a small wing door &# 128578;

  2. The “35.000 –Model 3 “costs in Austria 47.000 € (after promotion!). I assume that this “25.000 $ “- car also on loose 35.000 € after funding will come. Mark my words.

  3. The ID 3 in the basic was already, that would have to be available again.
    The cost 31.5 t €, the even smaller basic version with € 29.9 thousand was already promised, only due to demand, VW has had that necessary so far. Less the VW discount is already at € 27-28 thousand, because Tesla will never come with customs and U_ tax.
    The version has had SO 350 – 360 WLTP km, plus the upcoming 10% upgrade of the software.

    VW has already dreamed of what Tesla is dreaming, but small VW beauty error is the performance, which is then only at 110. Kw. or 10.5 sec. From 0-!00 KMH

    But priced, reach is already there (been) and at VW, there is even a workshop service if you have a small tin damage.


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