Tesla Model S often falls through the TuV

TuV report for electric cars

100.000 euros expensive, quality catastrophic: Tesla Model S often falls through the TuV

Tesla Model S often falls through the TuV-often
dpa A vehicle of the Tesla car manufacturer of the Model S is at the international automotive exhibition in Frankfurt.

For the first time, the TuV has enough data to show a representative image for the quality of electric cars. Result: The electric smart shines, the bestseller Renault Zoe cuts down and the Tesla Model S has twice as many defects as the average.

The embarrassing finding for the at least over 100.Electric car expensive: on average of all two to three years old vehicles, only 4.7 percent have significant defects in the main inspection (HU), there are more than twice as many for the Tesla. "With a defect rate of 10.7 percent, every tenth Tesla Model S falls through the first main inspection and would land in the last third of the 128 combustion engines. Behind the Tesla would only manage the Dacia Duster and the Dacia Logan. In addition to defects on the fog light and at the low beam, the Model S in the HU makes the main problems with the wishbones", So the conclusion of the TuV experts.For the long -term qualities of Tesla, this leaves nothing good. Because the oldest Model S are just ten years old; Most of the Teslas approved in Germany are much younger. Used car buyers should therefore have a Tesla checked particularly well.

With 30 kilos of explosive: frustrated Tesla driver blows up his Stromer

Tesla Model S often falls through the TuV-tops flops 2018 year used

Site/Wochit With 30 kilos of explosive: frustrated Tesla driver blows up his Stromer

Tesla still has significant problems

The poor performance of the Premium Stromer fits reports about the cheaper Tesla Model 3. That can rust after a short time, the "Auto Motor & Sport" Recently firmly (read more about this here). The specialist magazine had a Tesla Model 3 examined with only 300 kilometers on the speedometer by rust expert Ralf RObler. The result: cavities were sprayed with building foam. “It will pick up with water. In six months the brown will be a total rust in six years, ”expects RObler. The first rust can also be seen on the Tesla coupling rods. "The whole front carrier rusts first because the water cannot flow away anywhere," said RObler to "Auto Motor & Sport".

Renault Zoe Mau, Smart Top, BMW i3 in midfield

Overall, electric cars do not cut off worse or better than diesel or petrol engine on TuV. Of the four electric vehicles under consideration, the electrical Smart Fortwo is best there with a defect rate of 3.5 percent, according to the TuV. "In the list of the 128 2 to 3-year-old combustion engine listed in the TuV report, the E-Smart would land in the first third. This is followed by the BMW i3, which with 4.7 percent hits the cutting of the defect and would rank in the second third. In addition to defective low beam, defects on the brake discs are often noticeable in the i3", So the experts. The Renault Zoe, one of the most successful electric cars in Germany, only reaches a below-average result (defect rate 5.7 percent). Its biggest weaknesses: defective headlights and defects in the axle suspension.

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Brakes are susceptible to e-cars

While the quality problems at Tesla have been known for years – from susceptibility to rust to breaking wishbones or burning batteries to rear bumpers that simply fly away in the rain, social media are fully of experience reports – certain defects are due to the special features of an electric car and ultimately affect all electricity. "Problems with the brake components are typical of electric vehicles because they are used much less frequently compared to combustioners and therefore corrode more often, ”says Dr. Joachim Buhler, Managing Director of the TuV association. E-car drivers are happy to protect the brakes and save energy by using the possibility of recuperation (generator braking).

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Tesla Model S often falls through the TuV-2018 year used tops flops

Site To Sono Motors: Now the next German car newcomer goes to the stock exchange?

Batteries are rarely negative

After all: that the batteries as the heart of a electricity make it limp after a few years, as the ADAC complained about in the first generation of Nissan Leaf, does not seem to be the case in newer models. According to the experience reports, Tesla batteries hold many hundreds of thousands of kilometers; The electric motors must be exchanged for Tesla runners.

Billionaire races with 417 km/h over the A2

Tesla Model S often falls through the TuV-falls

Bit projects Billionaire races with 417 km/h over the A2

Manufacturers of Stromers usually provide eight years of guarantee on their drive batteries, but this is then linked to a certain mileage. If you buy a used electric car outside of this guarantee window, you should have the condition of the battery checked by a workshop specializing in it, Because a battery exchange can be more expensive than the residual value of the car.In addition to the usual check dots lighting, brakes or body, special components are also checked by TuV e-cars. "For electric cars, for example, the fastening of the high-voltage battery, the condition of the insulation as well as the lines, connections and plugs are checked. If the charging cable is available, the light insert and remove the plug is checked from the charging cable", So the TuV.

The paint also flips off at Mercedes

While the poor performance of Teslas in the quality check confirms some prejudice to the US brand, the German competition will hardly be able to rest on its laurels. Because premium brands like Mercedes have so far always shone in TuV report with low defect rates. But lately, however, there are significant problems in Daimler, which are reflected in high recall quotas .

Used car report: dwarfs and giants of defects

TuV, DEKRA and GTu check the defect rate of used cars every year with new statistics. Site evaluates all available reports for you. Here you will find the latest overviews from 2016.

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Of course, good maintenance and care is important in older cars. But how do you find a good workshop? The Autoscout24 portal examined the customer reviews of workshops in major German cities for site. You can find the results here .

More and more Germans do without the car: that is behind it

Tesla Model S often falls through the TuV-2018 year used tops flops

Site More and more Germans do without the car: that is behind it

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18 thoughts on “Tesla Model S often falls through the TuV”

  1. If a € 100,000 car…
    …confirmed by official TuV, after three years with considerable defects that fall through that, … …Confirmed by official TuV, after three years with considerable defects by the main inspection, the confirmation of it is officially held up to have paid a lot of money for premium scrap. It is unbelievable, you can no longer say curious how such cases are still relativized.

  2. here
    The "gap" are also mentioned again and again. Few know that Mr. Piëch’s gap were invented and patented. So Tesla may not recreate this without a license that you would have to buy, but no money, since soon broke out anyway.

  3. I am amazed
    to judge objectively about the inability. "The" Ami car Tesla is known. The BMW X models and Mercedes SUV are also "Ami" cars is probably not known here. Tesla makes 0 advertising, they make plenty of those who write here, the best advertising for Tesla, thank you. Tesla on everyone’s lips. EQs, 60 km/h on the highway automatically, the tears come to me. Have a look at YouTube Alex Voigt, he analyzes!

  4. All amazement
    … About the naivety of a Tesla fan. It is determined by the TuV that absurd rust protection measures are installed (building foam) and some cannot believe it because someone scratches on the base of the idol. After years it turns out that Musk has only one interest: rip -off. This has nothing to do with user interests or lanbence. advertising "FOR" Tesla looks much different.

  5. No surprise
    Because quality is not the strength of American manufacturers and it will probably never be. But the hype which is made around Tesla is surprising. Someone who has no idea could think it is only sold Tesla. It looks like this on the streets of Germany. About 1250 cars from other manufacturers come on each approved Tesla. Tesla’s share in the vehicle population doesn’t even move in the per thousand, you don’t really have to say more.

  6. Mr. Feddermann
    Yes, you’re right! But wait a little more then the picture changes. M3 best -selling car in the EU 2021. This year we Tesla produce more cars than Audi and next year the Mercedes brand falls. In 2024, Tesla in Germany produces more cars in just one work than any other German manufacturer in his works in D.

  7. Very representative …
    "The basis of the information is 1142 main inspections of the BMW i3, 1939 of the Renault Zoe, 1645 of the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive and 812 of the Tesla Model S" So you have a pool of 4 vehicles and 3 of which are e-small and small cars and a Tesla sedan. It should be clear to everyone that the small cars, especially as e-versions, are hardly moved. The Tesla Limousins will certainly have more on the speedometer than the 3 small cars together. Of course there is a different wear. And where are the limousines of our premium manufacturers? Ah, they go to "free" In advance check in the contract workshop and the defects are repaired before the TuV looks over it. Of course they are then defective and the ADAC does not come in the case of breakdowns, so that is therefore also free of breakdown…

  8. Representative. But sad for Tesla fans
    I’ve never had a car for "In advance"-Check driven (all from German production). At TuV I have never been sent back with older cars over 10 years. I only know rust from very earlier. Someone was shaking that on the Tesla madness? That must not be. A few inventions are made jerk-zuck ("In advance"-Check) so that Tesla stays at the top. But it doesn’t stay !!

  9. Battery border deniers relativize immediately
    As a reminder, it’s about the first HU. There are more than 10% of all Teslas that cost more than € 100,000. Other brands not. What is there to put into perspective? They are very clear numbers based on HU examinations carried out. The number of unreported cases will be a lot higher, since many have the HU in the workshop. Possible damage will be remedied at best before the examination, the worst case "overlook". If you bring the risk of battery fire, I keep at least a large distance from such vehicles. Also lose components, a whole rear or it breaks a steering linkage. That in the car for over € 100,000. Drives subsidized and tax -free why?

  10. @Raynolds
    And again nonsens!!! The average age of all cars in Germany is almost 10 years! Bring statistics that regularly brand new petrol or diesel burns. In contrast, e-cars are negative because brand new vehicles are burning. Better to keep the ball a bit flat than to notice with baseless theses!

  11. Drive
    Is a matter of the heart!! Everyone loses their heart somewhere else and is a bit capable of suffering!!! Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati are coveted brands anything but reliable!!! The first Porsche Boxster had a misconstructed engine, many died on the transfer trip!!So, expensive scrap is more likely to be done, not only at Tesla!!!

  12. Does the proven Tesla quality defects
    about better? Problems with wishbones, steering crews, battery burns etc. are not tolerable. The use of construction foam at Tesla should also be considered

  13. Ask yourself all here
    1 January 2022 approved about 48.5 million cars in Germany, including about 38.500 of the Tesla brand, we discuss a share of 0.07%here, I only repeat 0.07%, what are we talking about here? Is already extremely embarrassed to bring 5 articles out to discuss every day, luckily for their supporters. What usr akso5an of these anxiety so extremely horny to talk about it? And if it doesn’t come with somewhere else, it is better, I am very interested in this brand. This brand is that "Rat catcher from Hameln", Nobody wants to hear because you are blind to love for the brand that can fulfill your dreams, hope they can bypass the end of each individual…..

  14. That’s true
    It’s really completely wrong when some people pretend that only Tesla is sold. The reality looks different and that’s a good thing. Tesla are not nearly as great and have not want to think about it for a long time as some fanboy wants to believe.

  15. The dubious
    Fame of a Tesla only consists of skillful marketing and the media that also participate in this marketing and support them with exuberant hymns. Once the Tesla system looks through and you can find it quite quickly that they only cook with water. A Tesla is not a technology miracle and certainly not a quality product. It only impresses with a fabulous marketing system and people who can be blinded by such marketing tricks and senseless functions or to buy a feeling of supposed superiority towards other car owners. Basically blender cars.

  16. @Chowaniec that Tesla Marketing works differently
    They use them "new media", Floods with their steam bubbles. E-disciples and battery brand deniers take up and spread the nonsense, claim it would be "Facts". These people are actually only used and manipulated. Believe even low consumption data and excellent quality. The TuV reports on the first HU draw a completely different picture.

  17. 300km and already rust
    Overpriced scrap. What have people talked about, Tesla would be the NR1. Something special, it is a cheap and overpriced car, nothing special.

  18. Building foam holds the Tesla together ….
    300km not without defects. Coupling rods and wishbones have safety relevance. The disposable Tesla will soon come from the 3-D printer. The Trabi was more stable … Had a reserve tank and trailer coupling. No LCD display for this. But could be repaired by every village smith. Updates were superfluous, parts were all in "Brevity". Tesla drivers know that with the parts


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