Tesla Model S Plaid +: Elon Musk punched the top version

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This will probably not give the promised 840 kilometers range

Tesla Model S Plaid +: Elon Musk punched the top version-punched

Erratic: That is the word that most likely fits Elon Musk’s company policy. "Rolling, not stringent", that fits Tesla’s course. The last volte: The new top version of the Model S series announced at the end of January has now been canceled by the Tesla boss personally with a short tweet.

The Tesla Model S Plaid + should be offered above the Model S Plaid and the Model S Long Range and have over 1,100 hp. The 100 km / h sprint time should be less than 2.1 seconds. But above all, the top model should offer a range of 840 kilometers instead of the Plaid’s 630 km. This would make the Plaid + one of the electric cars with the greatest range heard.

On Sunday evening yesterday (according to German time), however, Elon Musk tipped the model. It is not necessary because the Model S Plaid is already so good. The car is the strongest sprint production car in the world. There is something to this claim; there are currently no cars that sprint that fast. However, Tesla withdrew the so-called rollout, that means: the sprint does not start at 0 km / h.

Musk did not comment on the clear range difference between Plaid and Plaid +. Musk did not answer other questions from fans either. It remains to be seen what happens to the "Plaid +" orders that have already arrived.

The German configurator still included the "Plaid +" version on Monday morning at a price of 149,990 euros. Underneath it says "Plaid + 2022 available". However, this version is no longer clickable. Therefore the data of the Plaid + are no longer displayed.

Range 0-100 km / h vMax drive Price (without processing fee)
Long range approx. 663 km 3.2 sec. 250 km / h Dual motor 86,990 euros
plaid approx. 628 km 2.1 sec. 320 km / h 3 engines, 1,020 PS (750 kW) 116,990 euros
plaid+ > 840 km <2.1 sec. 320 km / h 3 engines,> 1,100 PS (809 kW) 149,990 euros
Based on an article by InsideEVs USA the Plaid + was no longer available for order since May 21st. However, it was said at the time that this was only because of "long lead times". At the time, our American colleagues speculated that the battery cells with a higher energy density might not be ready yet. Whatever the reason for the deletion, for us it is further proof that Tesla’s company policy … well, you know, see the beginning.

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