Tesla Model S Plaid +: New Design, More Performance & Range

Tesla Model S Plaid +: New Design, More Performance & Range-tesla

With the announcement of the results of Tesla for the fourth quarter and the full year 2020, the company informed that the Tesla Model S and X are reissued. Most recently, the speech was that the Tesla Model S and X have not run from the band. As Tesla confirmed this was planned, because since mid-December stood their ribbons still. A revision of the premium models stood. We have compiled the details about the new Tesla Model S Redesign below.

These were classified by Tesla as follows: “The changes include a new powertrain (battery modules, battery packs, drive unit), a completely new interior, an exterior update and a number of improvements,” says Tesla in the Annual Report. Already in the first quarter, production should go back. and then “over time” return to full capacity. Which annually at 100.000 vehicles, not more than 90.000 vehicles should be.

According to Teslas Annual Report, the Tesla Model S Plaid will replace the model S Performance. Here, the Model S Plaid + is led to a maximum speed of 322 km / h in Teslas online configurator. Speaked from 0 to 96 km / h is in 2.0 seconds. This is the new Tesla model s the fastest vehicle, which has ever been manufactured in series. For comparison with 2.1 seconds for the same sprint follows the Porsche 918 Spyder, which is subject to the Tesla Model S Plaid with 9.7 seconds on the quarter pitch with 9.7 seconds, compared to less than 9.3 seconds.

Tesla Model S Plaid +: New Design, More Performance & Range-modelTesla

With the delivery of the powerful electricity with three e-motors is already expected in March 2021, in the USA. Germany in September 2021. In addition, Tesla announces in the Annual Report: “While our Model S and Model X-Battery Module architecture has developed over the past eight years, both the battery pack and the modules have now been completely redesigned.”CEO Elon Musk confirmed Tesla’s conference call that the revised model S and X will continue to use the 18650 form factor instead of the 2170 format that is currently being used in Model 3 and Model Y. The range of Model S is indicated at 628 km.

Who looks more closely, also sees that in the online configurator next to the Model S Plaid (116.900 Euro) The Model S Plaid + (139.900 euros) is listed. This differs both in the sprint performance, if only minimally. But clearly in terms of reach. So it brings the model S Plaid + to over 840 km reach. First, however, the Model S Plaid will be delivered from September in Germany, the Model S Plaid + from the end of 2021.

Tesla Model S Plaid +: New Design, More Performance & Range-performance

The design of the Stromer has also done a lot. Tesla introduces a brand new steering wheel in the new model S and Model X. The ultimate focus is on driving: “No levers, no switching”, as Tesla communicates in the configurator. Striking is the big 17 “duty display. With a resolution of 2200 x 1300, ultra-light, real colors, exceptional responsiveness and inclination from left to right, the new central display is the center of the vehicle.

A small display is still in the second row of seats, which was also revised. This offers seating for three adults with additional legroom, headroom and stowish armrest with integrated storage space and wireless loading. Bluetooth, wireless and USB C quick charge with multiple devices for each passenger with enough electricity for your own laptop was given.

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  1. Very stylish what Tesla has created again. Puristic, polarizing and technically extravagant. There can be smooth the saying “Flying is more beautiful” in a Tesla can be rewritten. Tesla now makes the absolute overflow with S and X. Congratulations, Elon, continue so.


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