Tesla Model X: what about the plaid version?

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Family SUV with super sporty driving performance: introduction only on trial?

Tesla Model X: what about the plaid version?-plaid

Tesla recently presented the plaid version of the Model S in all its details, but the corresponding Model X was never mentioned by Elon Musk. So the Model X Plaid will not be introduced at all? No, the future prospects for the van-like SUV are not that bleak after all.

In any case, the 1,020 PS version is still configurable on the German Tesla site. There are two variants to choose from:

Range 0-100 km / h / top price
Model X Long Range 652 km 3.2 seconds / 250 km / h 87,970 euros
Model X plaid 628 km 2.1 seconds / 322 km / h 127,970 euros

The fact that the top version was also present at the delivery event in Fremont has positive prospects for the future of the Model X Plaid, as the following tweet shows, among other things:

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However, the Model X Plaid could be on the hit list stand, as our colleague from InsideEVs USA, Steven Loveday, rightly says. First, arguably the main reason to buy a Model X (and not a Model S) is because the car has more space for people and material. In other words, family compatibility is higher. But does the family really want to be accelerated from zero to 100 km / h in 2.6 seconds? Or who drives at 322 km / h on the autobahn with two children in the back?

In this respect, the Model X Plaid could face a similar fate as conventionally powered sports vans a la Opel Zafira OPC: The 240 PS strong and 231 km / h fast compact van with roof spoiler and double exhaust was discontinued in 2010 after just five years.

Even if SUVs are at least as popular in the USA as they are in Germany: The Model X has not been a top seller there so far. At the beginning of this year, Tesla didn’t build a Model X at all (by the way, also no Model S), and yet it set new delivery records. Model 3 and Y with their mass-compatible prices simply sell better.

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Tesla Model X: what about the plaid version?-version Tesla Model X Facelift: delivery time now almost a year

The plaid version of the Model S is coming onto the market, according to Elon Musk, because he wants to show that electric cars can do more than conventionally powered cars when sprinting. But it is precisely in this respect that a sedan makes more sense than an SUV. It’s not for nothing that the Model X Plaid sprints half a second slower than the Model S Plaid.

Our US colleague speculates that Tesla will sell the Model X plaid "for a while to see how popular it is". If the numbers aren’t right, Musk could claim on Twitter that nobody needs a super sports SUV – in a similarly abrupt move as he painted the Model S Plaid + (which was never an option for the Model X).

Tesla is known for its volatile product policy: price changes by several thousand euros, new variants, deleted variants and even the cancellation of future cars for which down payments have already been received.

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