Tesla Model Y (2021): New information about the seven-seater

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This allows the seats in the second and third rows to be adjusted

Tesla Model Y (2021): New information about the seven-seater-information

The Tesla Model Y was presented in spring 2019; it has been in production in the USA since the beginning of 2020, and the mid-range SUV is also soon to be built in the Gigafactory in Shanghai. And from summer also in the new German factory in Grunheide near Berlin.

In the German Tesla configurator, however, it says: "The start of production is planned for the beginning of 2021." Since the plant in Grunheide is not yet ready, the cars destined for Germany are likely to be built in Fremont or Shanghai. There are two versions in the configurator:

  WLTP range 0-100 km / h Vmax Price (before funding)
Maximum range 505 km 5.1 sec. 217 km / h 59,600 euros
performance 480 km 3.7 sec. 241 km / h 65,620 euros

At the market launch – whenever that may be – apparently only the "Maximum range" version is available, because the comment with the start of production does not appear in the performance version.

There will also be a seven-seater version for both models, as you can see on page three of the configurator. The option (for 3,100 euros) is currently grayed out, but should still be available in 2021. But how much space is there for the legs? Can you sit there as an adult?

When Tesla announced the seven-seater, there were no photos of the seats in the very back. On the German Tesla Model Y side there is only one picture with the seats completely flat in rows two and three. However, an idea of ​​what the legroom is like in the back row is given by the image above, which was recently published.

In this photo, the seats in the second row are folded down so that you can get in at the very back. However, occupants in the cheapest seats do not seem to have a lot of space to get in and especially to sit. For us it looks like 15 centimeters – the knees of those sitting at the back would probably dig into the armrests in front of it.

Tesla Owners Online has now shared a video on the subject. This, too, does not show the seats and the legroom they offer very clearly. But you can see how the seats in the second row can be moved lengthways. According to an estimate by Tesla Owners Online, they could move roughly five to six inches (12 to 15 centimeters):

Our US colleagues at InsideEVs USA first spotted the video in the tweet above. Then they found the same clip on YouTube, but with speech so that you don't have to rely on the terrible pseudo-English subtitles (for example "Model. Why" instead of Model Y):

Incidentally, in the USA, in addition to the two variants mentioned above, there has recently been a third, cheaper rear-wheel drive, which was only added on January 7th, as site USA reports. This version has a range of just 244 miles and costs $ 41,990, $ 8,000 less than the next more expensive Long Range version. For us, such a version would cost around 53,000 euros. The sprint time (to 60 mph) is half a second longer than the long-range version.

Image gallery: Tesla Model Y (2020)

Tesla Model Y (2021): New information about the seven-seater-model

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