Tesla Model Y comes to Europe in August

Tesla Model Y comes to Europe in August-body structure crumple zones offer

Tesla announced shortly before the weekend that the Tesla Model Y is coming to Europe earlier. Due to the great interest in Model Y, this will go into the delivery in August 2021 in Germany. The vehicles come from the Gigafactory Shanghai. First, the Model Y Long Range will be available with four-wheel drive, and customers with an order reported for the year 2021 will now be invited to complete your order.

The stromer waits with 505 km WLTP range, at a top speed of 217 km / h and a sprint capacity from 0 to 100 km / h in just 5.1 seconds. The star price incl. Manufacturer’s share in the environmental bonus and all fees is 57.970 €. Upon receipt of the state environmental bonus of 2.500 € the price drops to 55.470 €. There is the safest middle class SUV, as the manufacturer on his website to report. Built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, the low center of gravity, the stiff body structure and the big crumple zones offer unparalleled protection.

Furthermore, it is so that Model Y, like the other Tesla models also, on the SuperCharger network of more than 6.000 superchargers can load throughout Europe. This also includes the new V3 superchargers with speeds of up to 1.600 km / h shop, the equivalent of 120km electrical payload in just 5 minutes. As with all Teslas, Model Y is always further improved with time through frequent over-the-air software updates.

It is allowed to assume that Tesla reinforces its own sales growth again. From Tesla Model 3 and the Elektro-SUV Model Y left 204 in the last three months.081 copies The factory halls, 199.360 vehicles were delivered. If you throw a look back, it turns out that for the previous delivery record in Q1 2021 with 184.800 vehicles exclusively responsible for Model 3 and Model Y.

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5 thoughts on “Tesla Model Y comes to Europe in August”

  1. Good, 1600 km / h. This is meant as ore-Teslafan, because you are HouseTrained on superlatives. On superlatives who never apply. But, which are clearly modernized in practice. In this respect you have to wince at indicated 505 km reach.

    For the price: Strictly speaking, the state is 5.000 € so that the base price about 53.000 € is. That’s the good news. The bad is, equal SUV from the VW Group cost after promotion only half with a small battery. And as a Mama transporter, the loose can range. Even worse: Even with a large 82 battery, the SUV is good 17 on MEB base.000 € cheaper. And that with better service and charming leasing rates.

    Since you have to see the world extremely through the Tesla glasses to complement the price.

  2. Built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, the low center of gravity, the stiff body structure and the big crumple zones offer unparalleled protection.

    The photo shows that an electric car does not need a “giant cooler grill as a rambock”, the crumple zone can also be broken wind-cutting, battery chronic and pedestrian-friendly.

    The “street tank design” of common SUVs already disturbs me, the streets are not a “war show” and you do not have to cross with ever larger vehicles with ever larger wheels.

    The wind-cut design makes the vehicles appear less aggressive and their drivers are no longer feeling more than rambos that move into a “street battle” to destroy the “enemy”.

  3. Tesla continues to develop during VW with judicial processes and has to pay buses. The credibility at VW is inexist. There is also the VW trolls nothing.


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