Tesla Model Y could soon come to us from China

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In addition, Tesla will probably break its delivery record in the 2nd quarter

Tesla Model Y could soon come to us from China-model

The Tesla Model Y could come to Europe in the third quarter (which starts on July 1st). Production in Grunheide will not start until the end of the year, but Elon Musk could import the electric SUV for the first time from China, where Model Y is being built in large numbers. These are rumors based on the delivery forecasts of Tesla expert Troy Teslike.

In a tweet, Troy Teslike gives his estimates for the four quarters of 2021. In his table, he breaks down the production figures for the individual models and also says which regions the cars produced will go to (where APAC stands for Asia Pacific). The table comprises the four quarters of 2020 and the estimate for the full year 2021:

In the first and second quarters of 2020, around 68,000 to 69,000 Model 3 and Model Y were built in Shanghai. While some of the Model 3 cars also went to Europe, the Model Y stayed in China. For the third quarter, however, the Tesla expert expects that cars will also be delivered to Europe, namely 7,000 of the approximately 30,500 vehicles built in China. If that’s true, the electric SUV could come to us this summer after all.

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Originally, the Model Y was supposed to be built in July in the new Gigafactory 4 in Grunheide. After the difficulties with the factory’s approval, the date was postponed to the end of 2021. This date can still be read in the German Tesla configurator. So officially everything has remained the same for the time being, but that can change quickly.

After all, more and more compact and mid-range electric SUVs are coming onto the market, for example VW ID.4, Hyundai Ioniq 5 or Ford Mustang Mach-E. Only the electrical specialist Tesla of all people does not have a model on offer in this area.

More about Tesla and the sales figures: Tesla Model Y could soon come to us from China-soon Tesla Model X: What about the plaid version actually?

Tesla Model Y could soon come to us from China-soon VW ID.4 was the best-selling electric car in Europe in April 2021

There are also new rumors and speculations about Tesla’s delivery figures. For the first time, Tesla could deliver more than 200,000 cars worldwide in one quarter. According to the figures from InsideEVs USA, almost 185,000 cars were delivered in the first quarter (red column), which is the quarterly record to date:

Tesla Model Y could soon come to us from China-china

In his tweet shown above, Troy Teslike now estimates a delivery of just under 200,000 units in the second quarter, which will end on June 30th:

"199K for Q2 2021" (Troy Teslike)

So if Tesla tries a little, 200,000 pieces would be within reach. That would not only be a new record, but also a nice round number that would surely go down well on the stock exchange and with fans.

"838K for 2021" (Troy Teslike)

If you extrapolate the 200,000 pieces for the full year 2021, 800,000 Teslas delivered are easily possible. Troy Teslike even reckons with 838,000 pieces. That would be a significant increase compared to the around 500,000 pieces from 2020.

Tesla always pays great attention to good delivery figures at the end of the quarter. Often there is then another boost in deliveries so that the numbers are correct. Maybe Elon Musk has the new record number of 200,000 in mind when he asks his employees to give everything again in the remaining days until the end of the quarter. Electrek now quotes an email from the electrical guru to the staff:

"Overall it’s going well, but the next 12 days are super important for production and delivery this quarter. Please give it your all!"

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